This Week's Special Guest: GENIE CAN DO (Mary Jo Bole)
Subject: This Week's Special Guest: GENIE CAN DO (Mary Jo Bole)
Send date: 2012-06-13 05:58:39
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Mary Jo Bole - Jeanie Can Do! ATM card

After having a blast the first time with guest host DJ Jeanie Can Do! (aka Mary Jo Bole) and her Scary Mary Kay Show in April, how can we say no to a sequel?  This week we present The Revenge Of The Scary Mary Kay Show on The Sound Of Plaid!  Far from just a show about the cosmetics mogul, the Scary Mary Kay Show will focus on music by women: The Shaggs, Johanna Went, Wanda Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Moe Tucker are just a few she played during her previous show.  Listen this week for much more!

Tune in this Thursday (2012.06.13) on The Sound Of Plaid!  We'll be on DFM's chat page during the show.  Many chances to tune in this week, and if you can't make the times below you can hear it at The Sound Of Plaid Archives.


Thursday on DFM and 
Radio Valencia:

9a-11a PST
noon-2p EST
1700-1900 GMT
  ...and DFM & Radio Valencia's Tuesday repeat: 8p-10p PST
11p-1a EST
0400-0600 GMT
  Sunday on KAOS Radio Austin: 11a-1p PST
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1900-2100 GMT

Next week's guest: Ocean Ghosts (Scotty Boombox and J. Rhodes)

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