Marquis DuQue guests on Sound Of Plaid / Listener Requests V2
Subject: Marquis DuQue guests on Sound Of Plaid / Listener Requests V2
Send date: 2012-12-16 22:43:02
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Aeion, The Marquis DuQueMONDAY!  Sound Of Plaid episode 2012.12.17: Special Guest MARQUIS DUQUE

Once again the renegade Funketeer Marquis DuQue (aka Aeion Solar) joins TradeMark and Frilly for a funky Sound Of Plaid! The Marquis' previous Plaid appearance dared all to FUNK OR WALK and this week he'll up the ante -- Funk/Rock fusion and Japanese zaniness, blended with Marquis touch = WIN. Join us all live on 2012.12.17 for madcap fun, wacky innovations and good music!


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The Sound Of Plaid

New in the archive -- Sound Of Plaid episode 2012.12.03: Listener Requests V2

It's been so long since we did a listener request episode of The Sound Of Plaid that we forgot which number it was!  Hence, this is the second Episode V... oh well.  As before, we're doing listener requests with a twist -- two simple rules:

1) Vague concepts only -- do NOT request specific songs
2) unless you have a song to fill someone else's request.

Cobblestones, jail shower memories, "Perpetual Pastry", Schizothemia... all these requests were matched with songs, sometimes from other listeners – maximum audience participation!  Thanks to all who participated!

Download the episode, or listen to it online.

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