Robot Art Show Friday / ECC Church Bell Mashup Sunday (Columbus)
Subject: Robot Art Show Friday / ECC Church Bell Mashup Sunday (Columbus)
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RURobot? Art Show poster

RURobot? Robot Art Show this Friday

Robots!  Who doesn't like robots? Those shiny, lovable, and oh-so anthropomorphic icons of the future have given us decades of dreams of owning our own guilt-free slaves... as well as nightmares about them becoming our guilt-free subjugators.

They've also given us decades of art.  Years ago it was all science fiction, back when the term was so new they pronounced it "ro-butt" with no emphasis on either syllable.  But now we live in the future, where actual robots make many of your mass-produced goods and a few find a place in the geekier homes for vacuuming duties.  And although the Roomba isn't as wise-cracking and multipurpose as Rosie from The Jetsons, it nonetheless bodes well for a bright future of robot butlers and metal maids for all.

The Evolution Control Committee joins the celebration with a new live performance exploring the vocoder, that unique device that makes your voice sound like a robot. Expanding on our two-part radio special we combine DJing with discussion and readings all about the surprising history of the vocoder, using music and text from Dave Tompkins' excellent book How To Wreck A Nice Beach.  Learn a little while gettin' down to some great retro robot jams!

WHAT: RURobot? Robot Art Show (presented by Gallery 831 & Art Party Columbus)
WHEN: This Friday, June 7th 2013  /  6p-9p (ECC after 7pm)
WHERE: Clayspace/Gallery 831  /  831 S. Front Street, Columbus, Ohio 43206  [map]
HOW MUCH: ** Free! **

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The Church Bell Flash Mob crew poses in victory

ECC Church Bell mashup live - last chance show!

Last year The ECC's TradeMark G. created a composition for church bells which played throughout October 2012, climaxing in a Church Bell Flash Mob that added a beat-matched electronic track DJ'd live from the street below... unique, to say the least. That was part of the great Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012 project which included different bell compositions every month during 2012.

This Sunday there will be a concert of the six pieces from the last half of the year, featuring compositions by Derek DiCenzo, Brian Harnetty, Bobby Floyd and others. For ours we'll be restaging the electronic component as we did in October, a live duet of electronics on the street with the bells in the tower.  If you missed it at the flash mob, here's one last chance!  Don't worry about costumes; just come, listen, and enjoy.

WHAT:  "Finding Chime": The ECC Church Bell mashup live
WHEN:  This Sunday 2013.06.09 / 12:15pm
WHERE: Trinity Episcopal Church / corner of Broad & 3rd Streets / Columbus, OH

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