Make your listener requests for The Sound Of Plaid!
Subject: Make your listener requests for The Sound Of Plaid!
Send date: 2013-06-11 18:28:03
Issue #: 85

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Sound Of Plaid logoOur Listener Request episodes of The Sound Of Plaid are favorites for us, and we think for listeners as well.  Each time we invite listeners to make requests for vague concepts only... no specific songs... that's our job, to choose songs we think match the concepts. In later episodes we invited listeners to help, by suggesting songs that match other people's requests... wisdom of the crowd, y'know?

But, coordinating all this before each episode has been a lot of work for us and the call for requests have been limited to Facebook users who happen to see them at just the right time... not ideal.  Now we're trying something new.

Submit your request using the form below, or on our listener request webpage where you can see a list of requests others have made.  See a request you have a match for?  Click the link to enter it in our spreadsheet.

Hear the results on the next episode of The Sound Of Plaid, airing live on June 17, 2013 at noon EST on DFM!

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