Seeking Your [Vague] Listener Requests!
Subject: Seeking Your [Vague] Listener Requests!
Send date: 2013-07-26 07:33:59
Issue #: 86


(The request forms below might not work in email, so go to the web version and make your request!)

Sound Of Plaid logoTime for another one of our awesome-yet-fat-free Listener Request episodes of The Sound Of Plaid!

Once again we invite listeners to make requests for vague concepts only... no specific songs.  But don't worry; the perfect song to match your concept will be chosen -- either by us, or by other listeners.  Wisdom of the crowd, y'know?

Last month we successfully launched our automagical semi-robotic listener request system that coordinates your requests and suggested matches.  So let's turn it back on and have another go!

Use the form below and submit your request.  Below it is a list of requests others have made.  See a request you have a match for?  Click the link to enter it in our spreadsheet.

Previous listener requests are below...
want to help match a song for one?

Click here and type it in!


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