ECC @ Burning Man
Subject: ECC @ Burning Man
Send date: 2008-08-17 19:54:31
Issue #: 9

T'is the season, [FIRSTNAME] -- and if you're not in the San Francisco Bay Area, you're missing the flurry of frenetic preparations and consternations of hipsters citywide.  I guess this means you should count The Evolution Control Committee in with the hipster crowd, 'cuz we're also neck deep ourselves... doing:

Check the ECC Live Events Calendar (right column) for dates and times.  You can hear the radio shows as part of BMIR's internet stream, which will take over Shouting Fire's internet stream during the festival.  There's some fantastic programming every day of Burning Man -- tune in!

Do you keep up with The ECC website?  Here's some of the latest:

- TradeMark G.

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