ECC.10.2008: Shows in Oregon/SF/OH, new gear, MP3s...
Subject: ECC.10.2008: Shows in Oregon/SF/OH, new gear, MP3s...
Send date: 2008-10-01 09:45:45
Issue #: 11

 Exciting ECC activities are afoot!

(and we don't mean they're 12 inches long... although that could be exciting in the right context)

We're gearing up to perform this weekend at The Outback Music Festival (Oct. 3, 4, & 5) at Summer Lake Hot Springs near Bend, Oregon ("near" is actually over an hour away).  The ECC performs Saturday night (Oct 4) at midnight, and we're hard at work creating a new, expanded Wheel of Mashup -- now there's EIGHT choices of music to land on, and EIGHT choices of vocals on the other wheel -- that's 64 different mashups possible!  But wait, there's more... if all works and transports as planned, we'll be creating all the live mashups using a newly invented faux touchscreen controller based off Johnny Chung Lee's Wii controller hack.  The festival has plenty more happening beyond The ECC -- music, hot springs, nature, and much more.  Hope you can make the trip!

If you'll be in the San Francisco Bay Area the next weekend, The ECC will also share all those the new treats at the Heat the Street Faire, aka Burning Man Decompression (Oct. 12).  We're still awaiting performance time and details... check the ECC website for updates.

Long before Richard Cheese and other lounge cover acts, The ECC offspring band MelloDeath did piano lounge covers of punk and hard rock covers of the day.  15 years later, we've uncovered two unreleased tracks and we're sharing them with you.

TradeMark G. is on the air Thursday with Shouting Fire! Tune in at 10am PST / 1pm EST for the live show (or for the repeats: 2pm & 6pm PST / 5pm & 9pm EST)

The ECC has also been on the air with Big City Orchestra's ubRadio Salon...and the archives are available to you.

Heads up: In mid-November The ECC is back in Ohio for "I'll Be Your Mirror", a live show of Velvet Underground-related music, to go along with a massive Andy Warhol show at the Wexner Center.


- The Evolution Control Committee


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