ECC:12.2008: We're YouTube Stars / Seeking European Bookings
Subject: ECC:12.2008: We're YouTube Stars / Seeking European Bookings
Send date: 2008-12-20 02:46:22
Issue #: 13


T'is the season. [FIRSTNAME] -- hope your holidays are progressing stress-free and pleasurefully.  To merge the holiday spirit with our own cut-n-paste spirit, we thought we'd offer you a gift:  From Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0 (available on iTunes), it's a festive cut-up.  Sing along, won't you?  "Jack Frost roasting on an open fire..."

Listen or Download:

Wow!  When a hoarse-voiced TradeMark G. made a little YouTube video demonstrating our new video mashup screen, we certainly didn't expect that over 142,000 of you would see it...!  Thanks to BoingBoing, Laughing Squid, Hack A Day, and others for posting this around, ultimately pushing it all the way to be a featured video on YouTube's home page:

Thanks!  It's inspired us to make a live video of the screen in action at a recent Wheel Of Mashup show at the Red Devil Lounge.  Should be done soon!  And although the video just fell off YouTube's home page, it should stay on their full list of featured videos for the next few days.

Watch the video:

STRP Festival LogoWe're pleased to announce that the STRP Festival has offered The Evolution Control Committee our first opportunity to perform in Eindhoven, Netherlands.  We promise that our April 3 & 4, 2009 appearances will be memorable -- but why let Eindhoven get all the fun?

The ECC is currently seeking shows in Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, and Belgium for mid-March to mid-April 2009.  If you book shows for a festival or venue, let's talk!  It's been many years since The ECC has performed in those countries and we're excited to go back and show off our new video mashup screen for the first time in Europe.

Visit the ECC Bookings page for videos, photos, and one-sheets of the Wheel Of Mashup show and Thimbletron show we'll be touring.  Email your booking inquiries to:


- The Evolution Control Committee


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