Bootie Bootleg: ECC @ DNA Lounge, 09-May-09
Subject: Bootie Bootleg: ECC @ DNA Lounge, 09-May-09
Send date: 2009-05-11 09:52:18
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Bootie Bootleg: ECC @ DNA Lounge, 09-May-09

Hopefully you were one of the 1,000+ people that showed up for Bootie and The Evolution Control Committee -- it was one spectacular show!  The Wheel Of Mashup spun well, our VidiMasher 3000 operated nicely, and thanks especially to The ECC's dancers The Mashettes!  Thanks also to A plus D for having us once again to Bootie, and to Dannie for wheel work.

You can relive this show with the magic of MP3s, thanks to DNA Lounge recording and posting MP3s of every show they do, available for two weeks following the show date.  If you want a recording of the whole night, which also includes music from Tim Barsky, the human beat box, Adrian and Mysterious D and more, listen at DNA Lounge's archive (until 23-May-09).  Otherwise, listen/download just the ECC's show here:

ECC Wheel Of Mashup @ Bootie SF - 2009.05.09.mp3

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