Australia Approaches / New Videos of ECC and Gaga
Subject: Australia Approaches / New Videos of ECC and Gaga
Send date: 2009-06-19 12:54:37
Issue #: 25

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There's plenty of activity here at ECC headquarters as we approach our ECC mini-tour of Australia!  We're all looking forward to sharing the Wheel Of Mashup and the VidiMasher 3000 for the Liquid Architecture Festival in Sydney and the On Edge Festival in Cairns.


Those are our only stops in Australia [FIRSTNAME], so don't miss them!

It took a month, but looky this:  We got some decent video (thanks Brooke & Owen!) from The ECC's great show at the DNA Lounge for the Bootie San Francisco mashup club night.  It synched very nicely with DNA Lounge's audio archive of the show and is now up on YouTube in lovely HD quality.  The best videos were our two final numbers:


One thing we like to do at shows is to see just how many sounds we can mashup together at the same time on the VidiMasher 3000, with The ECC's Mashettes Frillypants and Fancypants keeping count. We call this our 7-Up Mashdown, and it's also titled that on our Ritalin Ruckus album.



Then to finish things off, an ECC first -- a coordinated dance routine by The Mashettes (Fancypants and Frillypants) joined by TradeMark G.



And now, back into ECC history:  Through the 1990's The ECC had a sister, of sorts -- the band Gaga.  Gaga was Columbus Ohio's answer to Crash Worship and Einstuerzende Neubauten -- an industrial band relying heavily on junk persussion, fire-making toys, and beating props into a pulp. This is a clip from Gaga's most infamous show, where a fuel accident caused a fireball (at 7:05) that engulfed our keyboards and our singer! Maybe having her read/sing the Unabomber Manifesto was tempting fate...



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