ECC:10.2009b: On the radio: KALX Berkeley, ABC Australia...
Subject: ECC:10.2009b: On the radio: KALX Berkeley, ABC Australia...
Send date: 2009-10-19 10:39:17
Issue #: 31

 ECC URL du jour: From the archives -- MelloDeath - Smells Like Teen Spirit

ECC on KALX Radio 10/19 (tonight!)

Last-minute, but:

TradeMark G. of The ECC returns to KALX 90.7 FM Berkeley Radio to visit Tumble Weed's show Monday 10/19/09 (tonight!) from 7p to 9:30p PST.  Start out the week right with TradeMark G. as he excavates the ECC archives for rarities both new and old, sharing ECC tunes from the past 20 years!

Not in Berkeley? No problem -- listen online:

       MP3 128k Stereo stream
       MP3 56k Stereo stream
       MP3 24k Mono stream

Best of all, during the show you can call in requests or questions!

DJ Studio Phone: (510) 642-KALX

Don't Forget to listen to our show too!  The Sound Of Plaid records live Tuesday nights on FCC Free Radio, then repeats Thursdays on DFM Radio International and on Shouting Fire.  More details in the right column of our ECC News page.

Interview on Night Air (Sydney, Australia)

Following our Sydney, Australia appearance at the Liquid Architecture festival we met up Brent Clough, host of the Australian Broadcasting Company radio show Night Air for lengthy and enjoyable interview and on-air performance.  The distilled version is now about to hit the airwaves, part 1 of a show pairing The ECC with part 2, Bob Dylan... an unexpected pairing, but we take it as a quite the compliment.

11 October 2009

ECC and the full Bob

Part 1: The Evolution Control Committee under the leadership of Trademark G. (aka Mark Gunderson) has been challenging copyright laws since 1986, risking millions in copyright violation fines for what the ECC calls 'music'. The ECC is credited with the creation of the Mash Up or Bastard Pop genre of blended pop songs, a style popular with young listeners today. In this session TradeMark G talks about the ECC's work and demonstrates one of its recent products, the VidiMasher 3000.


P.S.: What a great interview!  Brent and crew took their liberties, editing the final show into a quite inventive and enjoyable show full of twists and turns.  Fortunately you can listen to the show on their webpage which also includes transcripts of the show, or just listen from our website.

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