ECC:12.2009: New album brewing; ECC radio/web appearances
Subject: ECC:12.2009: New album brewing; ECC radio/web appearances
Send date: 2009-12-16 15:37:09
Issue #: 33


ECC URL du jour: "The Christmas Wrong" -- our kinda holiday song...

Happy Holidays, [NAME]!

Busy days here at Evolution Control Committee headquarters.  Most of November was spent on residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts, and the time there was spent on beginning our new album in ernest.  Recently the final song mixes were mastered by Tom Dimuzio (thanks Tom!) and they sound great!  We're aiming to release All Rights Reserved in spring 2010.  Until then we might be a bit quiet as the pre-release preparations go from busy to frantic.  Stay tuned...

MUST-HEAR: Archive of KAOS 2-hour ECC profile

I've really got to hand it to KAOS Radio Austin DJ Slander Bob -- the two-hour artist showcase he compiled on The Evolution Control Committee was incredible!  Amazingly far-reaching in its sources and in its scope of The ECC's 20+ year career.  This is a must-hear for all ECC fans!  What more can we say?  Go listen for yourself, or download your own copy.

Thank you, Slander Bob!

ECC this week's MP3 download on Secret Mixtape

Mental Monkey invited The Evolution Control Committee to participate in their MP3-a-week blog Secret Mixtape, and what with our new material coming together for our upcoming All Rights Reserved album we thought it would be a great opportunity to show people what's brewing.

Until December 20th 2009, you can download The ECC's new track The Shakes at Secret Mixtape.  Free, of course!  If you want more, sift through their archive of previous MP3s.  Enjoy!

The Sound Of Plaid radio show archives

Our internet radio show The Sound Of Plaid gets smoother and smoother.  Every week it's another two hours of the widest variety of music on one show, with backstories about the music and discussion of music and culture.  On top of that it's your best source of new, unreleased Evolution Control Committee music, fresh out of ECC labs and into your ears.

And if it's too much trouble to tune in when it airs Tuesday evening on FCC Free Radio or Thursdays on DFM Radio International and Shouting Fire, pop onto our website and browse previous episodes.  You can listen to them right on the page, or download a copy to keep.  Here's a few to start you out:

The Sound Of Plaid radio show for 2009.12.14
The Sound Of Plaid radio shows for 12.01 and 12.10
The Sound Of Plaid radio show for 2009.11.10
The Sound Of Plaid radio show for 2009.11.03

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