On This Week's Sound Of Plaid / Beatlerape Live
Subject: On This Week's Sound Of Plaid / Beatlerape Live
Send date: 2010-02-01 18:05:49
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On the next Sound Of Plaid: Beatles And Other Animals

Attention, open in a new window.On our next episode of The Sound Of Plaid: Beatles And Other Animals.  We'll listen to a recent performance of finely chopped Beatles (or at least of their music) surrounded by a veritable zoo of other animal-related tunes: Moondog, Animal Collective, The Turtles, The Goats, Funky Worm, Atomic Dog... got the picture?

Listen this Tuesday (02/02/2010) on FCC Free Radio (8p-10p PST // 11p-1a EST // 0500-0700 GMT)
or listen Thursday on DFM Radio International (9a-11a PST // 12-3p EST // 1800-2000 GMT)

Missed it? Browse the archives, or listen to the most recent show anytime.

Beatlerape live @ Big City Orchestra 30th Anniversary Show

Attention, open in a new window.On January 31st, 2010 Big City Orchestra celebrated their 30th anniversary as a sound-emitting entity, collecting 27 performers to show off BCO's wide-ranging tastes (and their prowess for suckering others to do their show for them).  Three such suckers joined forces to reinterpret BCO's 1994 Staalplaat album, Beatlerape: Wobbly, Phineas Narco, and The Evolution Control Committee.

The trio mapped out a pretty stunning 20 minute set, mixing and mashing Beatles recordings into remixed wonders bearing no resemblence to the original album.  Nope, none at all.  Good thing too, 'cuz this live session might well be better than its original namesake.

Listen or download the show:

As the grand finale, TradeMark G. channeled Ringo Starr to lip-sync "What Would You Think If I Sang Autotune?", a track from The ECC's upcoming album All Rights Reserved.  Ever seen someone lip-sync off-key?  Watch TradeMark do just that:


What Would You Think If I Sang Autotune?

The Evolution Control Committee's TradeMark G. does the impossible: he manages to lip-sync off-key. Was it the fake mustache and wig? Whatever it was, it was for the finale of the Big City Orchestra 30th Anniversary show, backed by Wobbly (left) and Phineas Narco (right). Filmed by Mara Arrowood at Cafe Du Nord (San Francisco) on January 31st, 2010. From the upcoming Evolution Control Committee album All Rights Reserved. More info at: http://Evolution-Control.Com


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