TODAY: ECC on ubRadio: "Digital? DIG-IT-ALL!"
Subject: TODAY: ECC on ubRadio: "Digital? DIG-IT-ALL!"
Send date: 2010-07-28 06:32:23
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Broadcasting TODAY!   Straight from the ubnouncement:


:::: for ubRadio SALON episode #133 ::::

with Special Guest: TRADEMARK G/ECC
theme: "Digital? DIG-IT-ALL!"

4-6pm PST / Midnite-02.00 GMT
::: on DFM RTV INT

2-hrs of experimental frequencies performed live each week (in your little earholes...)

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1996-2010 marks 14 years of DFM's relentless independent commercial-free internet broadcast pioneering...

ECC/Bran Flakes tour photos


ECC performs in PortlandThanks to everyone who made it out for our shows in Seattle, Portland, Eugene, and Olympia!  We'll return soon... hopefully early 2011.

Until then, enjoy some photos we took during our travels, with lots of us on stage with The Wheel Of Mashup at Rotture in Portland.  View the gallery at TradeMark's photo gallery, or as part of the ECC Facebook page.

Tour poster at
Chop Suey, Seattle-2 ECC patches
TradeMark and
Christy with contestants Christy holds Number 8

Live recording from 2010 Pop Conference (Seattle)

2010 Pop ConferenceEarlier this year The ECC joined Bernardo Attias and Fred Church in Seattle for the 2010 Pop Conference to present "Plagiarhythm Nation: The New "Menace of Mechanical Music".  Instead of using the tried-and-tired panel talk format, we risked doing something new: A discussion of remix culture, which got remixed live.

It went fairly well and although we edited together the live recording a while ago, we forgot to post it!  So without further delay, I present to you the recording of our talk about remixing, remixed by TradeMark G. with the VidiMasher 3000.

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