ECC Tonight: Last Sound Of Plaid from the USA for this year!
Subject: ECC Tonight: Last Sound Of Plaid from the USA for this year!
Send date: 2010-09-14 13:40:08
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Last Sound Of Plaid from the USA for this year!

General ECC News
TuThe Sound Of Plaidesday, 14 September 2010 17:11

The Sound Of Plaid's last show from the ECC studios for this year... and it's only September!  Strange as that sounds, it's true -- TradeMark and Frilly are hitting the road in less than a week and won't see the ECC studios in San Francisco until 2011.  But have no fear; The Sound Of Plaid will continue as a live radio show each week while the two Plaidsters enjoy being artists-in-residence at Warsaw's CCA Ujazdowski Castle.

There will be one major change, though: our live airing will move from Tuesdays to Thursdays on DFM RTV, starting with our first Warsaw show on Thursday, September 30th.  Each week's live Thursday show will repeat on KAOS Radio Austin that weekend, and then again on the following Tuesday on DFM.

Now, ready for a surprise?  The week before our first Warsaw show (that's the September 21st Sound Of Plaid) we'll hand over the show to a select few guest DJs, including Slander Bob, Big City Orchestra, Otis Fodder, and more!  Each has a great mini-set of unique things never heard before on our program, and quite unique... a great show for us to catch our breath and set up shop in Poland!

So tune in this week for our bon voyage show, next week for the special guests, and the week after for our first sound from Warsaw!


LIVE Tuesdays on DFM RTV INT (DFM Radio International):

8p-10p PDT
11p-1a EDT
0500-0700 CEST

  ...and DFM's Thursday repeat: 9a-11a PDT
noon-3p EDT
1800-2000 CEST
  Sundays on KAOS Radio Austin:
11a-1p PDT
  1p-3p CDT
1200-1400 GMT
  Thursdays on Shouting Fire:

6p-8p PDT
9p-11p EDT
0300-0500 GMT



It'll on the cover of Rocked By RapeOne Less Cat: It'll

General ECC News
Friday, 10 September 2010 06:24

It is with great sadness that we must announce the death of It'll, the cover cat of ECC's Rocked By Rape 7" single and an all-around awesome studio-wrecker of a feline.

Like Venetian Snares and many other digital music makers, we're quite fond of our cats and this is a big blow to us.  It'll (yes, the contraction for "It Will") had massive paws, with seven claws on each of her two front paws.  This gave her nearly-opposable thumbs and an <ahem> evolutionary advantage as a DJ, which made her the second ECC cover cat (after our first cat Haven't, who made the cover of our Whipped Cream Mixes 7" single).  Her unique look was furthered by her "lazy eye", the result of an eye infection as a kitten, but it was her eccentricitiies that really made her memorable.  Many ECC studios visitors will remember her scaling up a six foot high carpeted doorframe to look you in the eye, or drinking her water scoop-by-scoop with her paws.  Her curiosity was frequently encouraged, and she took full advantage of it.

It'll was 14 years old and leaves tough shoes to fill, no matter how big the paws.  Rest In Peace, It'll.

It'll and shoe



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