The Sound Of Plaid -- From Poland, With Rogues
Subject: The Sound Of Plaid -- From Poland, With Rogues
Send date: 2010-09-30 00:25:13
Issue #: 50


Greetings evolver, and hello from Warsaw.

Yes indeedy, The ECC's Poland headquarters are now operational and in a few hours TradeMark and Frilly will prove it.  This week's episode of The Sound Of Plaid will be live from the Centrum Sztuki Wsp√≥lczesnej (aka the Center for Contemporary Art) in Ujazdowski CastleWe'll still getting our feel for things here, and missing gear like mic stands have caused us to go rogue with some inventive alternatives, like in the photo to the right.  With that in mind, this week's theme is: ROGUES.

As previously announced, the week's live show will now be Thursdays at 9am west coast, noon east coast, and 6pm here in Warsaw.  The DFM chat room is a great way to find us then.  Previously we would often be in the chat room for the repeat, but since the repeat show is now at 4am on our Wednesday mornings, that's a lot less likely nowdays.

Many chances to hear the show, and if you can't make the times below, you can hear it at The Sound Of Plaid Archives later in the week.


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