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Long time friends and mischievous co-conspirators, The Evolution Control Committee and Ms.Belinda Blair (aka Dirty Blonde on Uke, aka Kiss My Lily White Ass), teamed up recently to record a song. While it seems an unlikely pairing to put the "Grandfather of Mashup" together with a foul-mouthed ukelele singer, the pairing worked and produced this new single: "Perfect Day."

Perfect Day
by Frilly White
(Belinda Blair/TradeMark G./Christy Brand)


Back in 2005 The ECC went on tour with Chromelodeon, a 7-piece band from Philadelphia who mostly performed covers of video game music.  Dino Lionetti arranged and wrote much of their music, and he had the bright idea to have the band cover an ECC tune during their set.  The song?  Jesus Carp (Son Of Cod), a fun ditty about a messianic fish from the ECC's 1994 album Double The Phat and Still Tasteless (and also released on a wax cylinder, believe it or not). That album was from back in the day when The ECC wrote actual songs, with lyrics and everything, so The ECC's TradeMark G. could jump on stage with Chromelodeon as a guest vocalist for that one song.

It was a nice compliment for us, and great to hear our music coming out of another band.  The only bad part -- we never got a recording of the collaboration!

Until now, that is.  On the tour the band stopped at KXLU in Los Angeles and recorded a live in-studio performance.  Jesus Carp was part of that set, and just recently a recording of it turned up.  And so now, six years later, we are proud to present:

Jesus Carp (Son Of Cod)
featuring The ECC
Live at KXLU
Los Angeles
Click Here To Listen

There's also a video of the song from that tour's Denver show...

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