This Week's Special Guest: WOBBLY
Subject: This Week's Special Guest: WOBBLY
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Wobbly.Our guest for this week's Sound Of Plaid radio show is Wobbly (aka JonLeidecker).

Wobbly has had a long music career as a musician equally adept at sampling versus non-sampling music.  Recent work has focused more on collaborations, including a new album with Matmos and Lesser (Wobbly also collaborated with The ECC for the Beatlerape Live show).  Wobbly's wikipedic knowledge of music attracted the Barcelona Contemporary Museum of Art, and the result is Variations: a six part (so far) series of one-hour podcasts exploring the history of sampling, collage, and the general concept of remixing.  Impressive in both scope and detail, It is quite possibly the most in-depth series of its kind.

On this week's show, we talk to Wobbly about Variations, Chart Sweep, the inevitable Girl Talk mention, and the soul of the mashup.

Many chances to hear the show, and if you can't make the times below, you can hear it at The Sound Of Plaid Archives.


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