An ECC Plea: Seeking Sounds about the Voyager Golden Record
Subject: An ECC Plea: Seeking Sounds about the Voyager Golden Record
Send date: 2008-05-23 12:12:26
Issue #: 6

    On May 31st 2008, The Evolution Control Committee will appear at the

Deep Wireless festival

to perform

Space: The Vinyl Frontier,

a long sound piece about the

Voyager Golden Record

and the race of alien DJs who try to make sense of the last record in the universe.

    Much like the assembly process of the Voyager Golden Record, there's a very quick deadline; also like the Record, we decided to seek input to our oligarchical curatorial process.  In other words,

we'd like your help

to gather materials for this: sounds, samples, speech, and music that's related to the themes below.  The sounds can be of any length.  Our deadline is a few days before showtime

-- MAY 29 -- so all submissions must be specific, ready-to-use audio files

or links to them!  Sorry, but we just don't have time to chase down vague leads on something you might have heard in some NPR radio piece a month ago.  In thanks, we'll gladly credit you in whatever crediting the piece allows, and on

The ECC website


Here are the themes we're seeking sounds about:

The Voyager Golden Record
The Voyager spacecraft
Alien DJs
Alien musical tastes
The best or most important music ever
Alien impressions of earth culture
Gold Records

Communication with aliens
The end of the earth and/or our solar system
Building a turntable or record player
Immortalizing music
Discovering the concept of music
Time -- a LOT of time -- passing

And here's what we

already have:
All music, sounds, and images from the actual Voyager Golden Record
Murmurs of Earth (book & CD)
A&E's Cosmic Journey documentary
NPR, 08/19/07, "Voyagers' Records Wait for Alien Ears"
Radiolab, 05/12/06 - Ann Druyan interview
Starman (movie)
Close Encounters of the Third Kind
X-Files, "Little Green Men"
NASA Voyager Recordings - Symphonies of the Planets
Musicophilia introduction (audio book)

Send all submissions to:

Thank you!

- TradeMark G. / The ECC