Reels Of Steel: Silent Movies + Stolen Soundtracks (Saturday)
Subject: Reels Of Steel: Silent Movies + Stolen Soundtracks (Saturday)
Send date: 2010-04-01 18:26:58
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Finally -- REELS OF STEEL show in San Francisco! (Sat 04/03/10)

Silent Movie + Stolen Soundtracks.  Watch a video a see what I mean.

The silent movie:  the horror classic Nosferatu.  The soundtracks: Star Wars, James Bond, Car Wash, Xanadu, The Sound Of Music, and 40+ more.  (and the movie's hardly over an hour)

It's frantically paced, it's meticulously scripted, and it's been literally years that I've wanted to perform this in San Francisco.  Finally, this Saturday, it's happening!

WHAT: Reels Of Steel (live DJ soundtrack for the silent film Nosferatu), with Copyright Criminals, shorts by Negativland, etc.
WHEN: Saturday April 3rd / show @ 8pm / ECC @ 9pm
WHERE: Other Cinema, The ATA / 992 Valencia (@ 21st) / San Francisco
HOW MUCH: only $7 !
Other Cinema:
Reels Of Steel teaser video:

!! VIDEO !
!    Here's a little teaser video to give you a taste:

Reels Of Steel / Nosferatu Soundtrack

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