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Since 1986, The Evolution Control Committee has steadily built a worldwide reputation by creating sample-based music of questionable legality. We have been violating copyright laws since it was difficult.

The ECC is also very active in performing our music live -- and since our music doesn't lend itself to live performance, this is no easy feat. The proof is below, in the form of our 2007 press/promo pack, including publicity photos, one-sheets, press clippings, and videos. If you are interested in booking The ECC and would prefer a printed version with DVD, please contact us.


ECC General/Band One-Sheet: Acrobat PDF -or- JPG
Publicity Images: Photo Gallery / Band Logos & Flyers


The ECC has toured their engaging and active live performances in cities and countries worldwide. Currently, we are offering four very different live shows:  our dance/club show The Wheel Of Mashup, our long-running mad-science Live Infringement: The Thimbletron, the Reels Of Steel movie soundtrack mashup, and The Kitchen Of The Future

Wheel Of Mashup flyerThe Wheel of Mashupis our latest booty-shaking incarnation, mashing-up unlikely pop music combinations into dance floor mayhem. It’s mixed up live: the audience spins The Wheel Of Mashup to create new mash-ups, mixed instantly with The ECC's amazing VidiMasher 3000!

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Photos: Publicity
Live Video: (2009) YouTube / Download (152 meg)
VidiMasher 3000: YouTube / Download (68 meg)
Wheel Debut: (2006) YouTube / Google / Download (34 meg)


Live Infringement with The ThimbletronLive Infringement: The Thimbletron is our best-known, long-running performance using our custom-built Thimbletron to perform copyright-violating, cut-n-paste music. This show has travelled internationally since 2000.


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YouTube / Google/ Download (88 meg)



Reels of SteelReels Of Steel combines silent movies with a live DJ, spinning an intricately-composed soundtrack at breakneck speed.

DVD now available -- contact us!

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The Kitchen Of The FutureThe Kitchen Of The Future... today! Circuit-bent, MIDI-compatible kitchen appliances make delicious music: get down wit yo’ funky breakfast.

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