Sound Of Plaid Archive: Listener Requests V

Thursday, 24 May 2012 11:12



The Sound Of Plaid

Sound Of Plaid episode 2012.05.24: Listener Requests V

On this episode of The Sound Of Plaid we're doing listener requests with a twist!  Two simple rules:

1) Vague concepts only -- do NOT request specific songs, unless...
2) have a song to fill someone else's request.

We received many diverse requests for topics like allotropes, pink slime, unfinished business, standardized testing, homosexuals and drugs and more.  These were matched with songs from other listeners – maximum audience participation!  Thanks to all who participated!

Download the episode, or listen to it now:

Request:   Requested By:   Matching Song:   Band:   Matched By:
IBM   Previous Episode   IBM 1403 Printer   Johann Johannsson   Sean C
Popcorn   Kent B   Popcorn   Apollo 100   TradeMark G.
Downward-Facing Dog   Doug Wolk   Yoga Is As Yoga Does   Elvis Presley   Chris P
Parallel Universes   Erazuu R   Darkness In All Parallel Universes   Murray Gold   TradeMark G.
        A Huge Evergrowing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld   The Orb   Mara B
Alloptropes   David D   Allotropy   Chris & Cosey   TradeMark G.
Body Modification   Mark W   I Must Increase My Bust   Lords of Acid   Chris P
Capgras Syndrome   David D   You Are Not My Mother And I Want To Go Home   Stephin Merritt / The Gothic Archies   Kit M
Pink Slime   Chris P   I'm The Slime   Frank Zappa   David D
Repetition   Melissa F K   Floe   Philip Glass   Mark W
Zeugma   David D   Give You Up   Giovanni Sollima   Mara B
Zombie Hummingbirds   Mark W   Zombie Nation (from Hummingbird Of Death)   I Accused   TradeMark G.
Unfinished Business   Ashley G   Unfinished Business (Selma Version)   Melanie   Mojave Phonebooth
        I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For   Cheikh Lo   Melissa F K
        Prefers Unhappy Endings   Say Hi To Your Mom   Mara B
Homosexuals and Drugs   Randal S   I've got drugs (out of the mist)   The Frogs   Russ S
        Homosexuality       Mojave Phonebooth
        Down By That River Drive       Mojave Phonebooth
Standardized Testing Children   Jet S   Straight A's   Dead Kennedys   Rich L
Sidewalk Sweepers   Denise D   Sweeper Soul   Super Mambo 69   Mojave Phonebooth
Cadillacs   Jod'y L   Black Cadillacs   The Strand (AZ)   Mojave Phonebooth
        Cadillac   The Renegades   Mojave Phonebooth
Cheese   Megan E   Addicted to Cheese   Evaporators   Sean C
        Cheese-Alarm   Hitchcock, Robyn   Davey W
Styrofoam   Aeion S   Styrofoam Plates   Death Cab For Cutie   Aeion
        Lying On The Grass   Negativland   Joe L
Spatulas   Bethany M   Spatula City   Weird Al Yankovic   Aeion S
Bellybutton Lint   Bethany M   Callin' in Sick   Weird Al Yankovich   Mara B
Lackadaisical Numbers Stations   Mara B   Adding Up Numbers   Kompressor In Action   Joe L
Maracas   Kayla P   Las Maracas De Cuba   Trio Matamoros   Mojave Phonebooth
Head Cheese & Toe Jam Samwich   David E   Chameleon   Herbie Hancock   Mara B

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