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The Sound Of Plaid

Sound Of Plaid episode 2012.12.03: Listener Requests V2

It's been so long since we did a listener request episode of The Sound Of Plaid that we forgot which number it was!  Hence, this is the second Episode V... oh well.  As before, we're doing listener requests with a twist -- two simple rules:

1) Vague concepts only -- do NOT request specific songs
2) unless you have a song to fill someone else's request.

Cobblestones, jail shower memories, "Perpetual Pastry", Schizothemia... all these requests were matched with songs, sometimes from other listeners – maximum audience participation!  Thanks to all who participated!

Download the episode, or listen to it now:


Request:   Requested By:   Matching Song:   Band:   Matched By:
        Old Roger is Dead   The Music Book, Record 2    
Foreign Ju- Jisu w/ a rock-a-billy beat   Charles Wince   Three Cool Chicks   The 5 6 7 8's    
Cobblestones!   Orpheus Narcissus   Trick Me, Treat Me   Cobblestone    
Cobblestones!   Orpheus Narcissus   Cobblers   Cassetteboy    
Melting   Chris P   I Will Melt Them   The Bran Flakes    
Melting   Chris P   Stay Away From That Apple Pie / Ham & Pork Shoulder   Melted Men    
Sitars   Nate M   I Am The Walrus   Lord Sitar    
Family Feud   Terry Young   We're a Happy Family   The Residents    
Family Feud   Terry Young   Feud   Mr. F. Le Mur    
Family Feud   Terry Young   I Murdered Your Family   Wesley Willis    
Missing Part   Dave E   Detachable Penis   King Missile   Chris P
Something Smells Funny -and-
Unintelligible Lyrics
  David E
Lady Monster
  Smells Like Bad Diction
Smells Like Art
  DJ Pantshead & The Evolution Control Committee    
Something Smells Funny   David E   Smells Good   Mr. F. Le Mur    
Perpetual Pastry   David E   Forever   ?? ??(Sugar Donut)    
American Sign Language   Doug Wolk   Sign Language (feat. Aloe Blacc)   Quakers    
Shouted Uzbek memories drowned out by a urinating drunken country priest?   King Trolland   The Preacher Got Drunk And Laid Down His Bible +
Uzbek Rhythms
  The Tennessee Ramblers +
J.C & S. Lubtchansky (Field Recordings)
Jail Shower Memories   King Trolland   Prison Chaplain Dream   TradeMark G.    
Jail Shower Memories   King Trolland   Prison Shower Part 1: Clear Out   Ira Newborn    
Jail Shower Memories   King Trolland   Prison Shower Part 2: Chastity Belt   Ira Newborn    
Schizothemia   Mara B   Desert Search For Techno Allah   Mr. Bungle    
Cargo Cults   Tom M   I Summer Idyl   Cargo Cultus    
Cargo Cults   Tom M   Logic Noise Cargo   It    
An alarming absence of remorse   Dave E   No Remorseful Reply   Beatallica    
Supercops to the Preston corrected to get   Pea Hix   Supercop   Devo    
The alien UFO menace   Rock Roswell   The Way The Alien Kills   Liquid Sky Soundtrack    
(none of that pro-UFO claptrap)   Rock Roswell   Aliens Theme II   Liquid Sky Soundtrack    
Songs About Fruit   Nate M   Fruit Machine   The Ting Tings    
Pareidolia   Erazuu Rauu   An Amazing Experiment in the Electronic Communications with the Dead        
The Brown Noise   Rich C   Desperado   Timeblind    
What's that wet spot ?   David E   180-G: A Big 10-8 Place Part Two   Negativland   Colin A
Songs about happiness, murmured in dreams...   Colin A   Sweet Dreams   Señor Coconut    
End Of The World   Rory T   0315 Imagine The End Of The World   The Kleptones    
End Of The World   Rory T   It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)   Vic Chesnutt    
Songs about happiness, murmured in dreams...   Colin A   Showroom Dummies   Dreamland Happy Times For All    


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