ECC Lecture & Show in Columbus, OH

Thursday, 06 November 2008 12:19


Concert and Performance Dates

The Evolution Control Committee's TradeMark G. (Mark Gunderson) visits The ECC's hometown of Columbus with a unique performance as well as a rare ECC lecture!  Details & flyers follow...

Wed 12-Nov // 4:30pm: TradeMark G. presents a talk at the Wexner Center:

Over 20 years ago, musician and artist TradeMark G. (Mark Gunderson) launched his band The Evolution Control Committee on a voyage that would spawn the cut-and-paste world of mashups and remix culture. Now based in San Francisco, TradeMark returns to his hometown of Columbus to discuss the art and technology of copyright violation.

This is a VERY RARE opportunity to hear tales of culture jamming and copyright violation and the history of The Evolution Control Committee, as well as discovering some of The ECC's inventions (such as our new video controller pictured here) and how they work and came to be.  Wexner Film/Video Theater // 1871 N High St


Sat 15-Nov // 9pm: In connection with the Outer and Inner Dichotomies Symposium (part of Wexner Center's Warhol exhibit), Mary Jo Bole presents I'll Be Your Mirror -- to call it a Velvet Underground tribute show is doing it an injustice, considering the wide variety of the acts in it: Cheater Slicks, Moviola, Dick & Jane (from Hollywood), and of course The Evolution Control Committee mashing it all together.  The Summit // 2216 Summit St

I'll Be Your Mirror show flyer