Concert and Performance Dates

2010 Pop Conference (Seattle)

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Concert and Performance Dates

Monday, 12 April 2010 21:48

2010 Pop Conference

2010 Pop Conference at EMP|SFM

The Pop Machine: Music and Technology
April 15-18, 2010
Seattle, Washington

The ECC's TradeMark G. joins Bernardo Attias and Fred Church in Seattle for a very unique panel talk: A discussion of remix culture, which gets remixed live:

The phonograph's cut-and-paste aesthetic, from Dada in the 1920s to '70s avant-gardists and"controllerists" today, will be the focus of this session, in which scholars and participants in electronic music culture will see their commentary integrated into an audio-visual performance manipulated primarily by a DJ controller dubbed the VidiMasher. Discussion to follow.
Bernardo Alexander Attias, "Plagiarhythm Nation: The New "Menace of Mechanical Music"
Fred Church, "Plagiarhythm Nation: The New "Menace of Mechanical Music"
Mark Gunderson, "Plagiarhythm Nation: The New "Menace of Mechanical Music"



Finally -- REELS OF STEEL show in San Francisco! (Sat 04/03/10)

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Concert and Performance Dates

Saturday, 27 March 2010 09:42

This one's been a long time coming...!

Back in 2004, The ECC performed in the Avant Garage festival around Halloween.  The festival features musicians performing live soundtracks to silent movies, and The ECC had previously appeared in a few.  To up the ante, we tried out a fun idea: A live soundtrack DJ'd with soundtracks from other movies.

It was a hit.  Bigtime.  The idea worked beautifully, the audience loved it, and it was one of the most talked about ECC shows of that time.  (Take a look for yourself!)

And it was never performed again.

For years we've wanted to do it again.  It wasn't long after that show that The ECC relocated to San Francisco, and we figured a chance would come.  But the silent movie for that show was the silent horror classic Nosferatu, which is a tough booking when it's not Halloween.  So year after year passed without a chance to restage the success of our Reels Of Steel show on the west coast... or anywhere.


Finally, it's happening: Reels Of Steel will be performed next Saturday April 3rd at Other Cinema, the weekly experimental cinema night of mashup movie madman Craig Baldwin.  The night's theme is Remix Masters and also features Kembrew McLeod's excellent new documentary Copyright Criminals and shorts by Negativland and others.

Don't miss this show!  It's been six years since the last... who knows when the next chance will come!

WHAT: Reels Of Steel (live DJ soundtrack for the silent film Nosferatu)
WHEN: Saturday April 3rd / show @ 8pm / ECC @ 9pm
WHERE: Other Cinema, The ATA / 992 Valencia (@ 21st) / San Francisco
HOW MUCH: only $7 !
Other Cinema:
Reels Of Steel teaser video:

!! VIDEO !
!    Here's a little teaser video to give you a taste:


Post X-Mass Xtravaganza (The Place To Be)

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Concert and Performance Dates

Thursday, 07 January 2010 22:03

Post X-Mass XtravaganzaOur first live performance of 2010!  Although we'll be generally lying low over the next few months to work on our album, we invite you to spin the Wheel Of Mashup and get your year started off right.  Spin the wheel, make a mashup!  This line-up offers a range of musical variety we usually only see at European shows, which give us an opportunity to take a few chances too.  Along with our giveaways of free ECC All-Access Mash lanyards and CDs to everyone who spins our wheel, there's free gifts for the first 50 fans and more... see you there!

WHAT: Post X-Mass Xtravaganza (The Place To Be)
WHEN: THIS Saturday 01/07/2010 9pm-?? (ECC headlines at 1am)
WHERE: 5lowershop 992 Peralta Ave, San Francisco, 94110
HOW MUCH:  Dunno, but I'm expecting cheap-ish



Free gifts to the 1st 50+ entrants wondrous decorative left overs and De-constructive dance party


The masters of copyright infringement

17 years on and still Beyond the realm of comprehension

Spastic classico no wave blitzkrieg

Electronic mavens

Kyle H. Mabsons

kidney displacement surgery

On a hole different galaxy




5lowershop 992 Peralta Ave, San Francisco, 94110



ECC on KALX Radio 10/19 (tonight!)

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Concert and Performance Dates

Monday, 19 October 2009 14:03

Last-minute, but:

TradeMark G. of The ECC returns to KALX 90.7 FM Berkeley Radio to visit Tumble Weed's show Monday 10/19/09 (tonight!) from 7p to 9:30p PST.  Start out the week right with TradeMark G. as he excavates the ECC archives for rarities both new and old, sharing ECC tunes from the past 20 years!

Not in Berkeley? No problem -- listen online:

       MP3 128k Stereo stream
       MP3 56k Stereo stream
       MP3 24k Mono stream

Best of all, during the show you can call in requests or questions!

DJ Studio Phone: (510) 642-KALX


ECC at Burning Man Decompression

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Concert and Performance Dates

Monday, 05 October 2009 08:59

Burning Man's 10th annual Decompression / Heat The Street Faire approaches!

Last year The Evolution Control Committee was giving a packed San Francisco crowd their first glimpses of our amazing VidiMasher 3000.  In the year since we've been improving and refining the VidiMasher into the formidable mashup machine that it's become, plus we made a new Wheel Of Mashup adding more music and lyrics plus prizes!

So come spin the Wheel Of Mashup yourself at 7:45pm to 8:30pm on the 19th Street stage -- want more?  Try SEVEN more stages of bands and DJs, plus the work of hundreds of great artists and the company of thousands of great people!

WHAT: Burning Man Decompression Heat The Street Faire
WHEN: Sunday, October 11, 2009 / ECC at 7:45pm - 8:30pm
WHERE: Indiana Street, from Mariposa to 22nd / San Francisco
HOW MUCH:  $10 in costume / $20 in boring clothes
LINKS: Burning Man Decompression page w/stage schedules:


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