New album releases today! sort of...

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General ECC News

Update (2011.01.19): Album is now up on iTunes and Amazon!  Amazon also has the double-CD version available, but vinyl won't be until next week.

The Good News: Today is the release date of our new album!

The Bad News: You can't buy one!

At least, not yet.  Here's the story.

As planned, January 18th 2011 (today) is the release date for our new album All Rights Reserved.  Yes, they exist -- that brilliant orange record in the photo is the proof.  But what we didn't count on was the distributor refusing to carry the album digitally.

What does that mean?  This means that although physical CDs and LPs may be available and in stock as early as today, MP3s are not in iTunes.  And that's major.  We're executing Plan B to solve that, which is why you probably see a TuneCore widget to the right of this article now.  TuneCore should land us on iTunes (and a dozen more digital music stores), but it will take another day or two.  Other stores will take even longer.  But it's happening.

So we've got the champagne on ice and the balloons ready to drop, but we'll stall the celebrations until the album is well and properly out there.  Meanwhile you can listen to the album -- the whole thing, not just 30-second teasers -- through the TuneCore widget.  Enjoy the music, repost the widget, whatever -- buy until that shopping-cart-o-riffic "Buy" button starts doing something, we'll be on standby.

Stay Tuned!