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11/30/05: The ECC is currently closed for performance business. It is possible that we will debut a new performance in the spring or summer of 2006.

11/11/05: Sorry to deliver the bad news, but The ECC will not be appearing in Las Vegas. It's their fault, but we still like them. Hopefully something else will be arranged in the future.

11/06/05: The ECC's TradeMark G. recently appeared on the podcasting "radio" show of RU Sirius (former editor of Mondo 2000 Magazine), part of the MondoGlobo Network. The episode is now live and listenable!

10/21/05: Thanks to all who made this year's Burning Man and our Decompression performance afterwards such a great time. Drop by our October 28th show at the Blue Cube before going to your first Halloween party of the weekend!

08/08/05: Finally; a couple new tracks to download on the Sounds page!

08/03/05: The ECC knocks off a few shows and then it's off to Burning Man! The San Jose Museum of Art show will be spectacular; catch it if you can... then the week after you have two chances on the same night -- The ECC is double booked! Catch us early as we open at Liminal, then later (after midnight, at least) as we close for the fundraiser for our Burning Man theme camp Gooferville.

If you're going to Burning Man, catch our daily radio show on BMIR 94.5 FM each day from 2-4pm, or see us live at camp Gooferville as part of our big show Thursday! Stop by BMIR in center camp (right behind Playa Info) during our daily show to say hi!

07/05/05: We're mighty pleased to have been invited to open for the almighty Chub, who are reforming to play their first show in over a year! After that a few more summer shows but we're otherwise trying to lie low as we develop new music technology. We're recently written a small slew of new music programs and are working on top-secret projects of musical evolution, to be announced in due time...

06/14/05: A good summer to all evolvers out there. ECC is lying low, show-wise. Not to fear however; this is largely because ECC is developing the future of music as you read this. Brand new jams, crazy cut-ups; it's all being cut-and-pasted together in our new San Francisco laboratories. Current goal is to work out a releasable version of Default's Greatest Hits, but we've had some wonderfully fun toe-tappers put together recently as well. Sorry, we're saving them up for the new significant ECC release... stay tuned!

05/01/05: Happy International Workers Day! And later this week, happy Cinco de Mayo -- after which, we'll play a show in the heart of San Francisco's Mission District at the fabulous 12 Galaxies. This show will be EVOLUTION VS. DE-EVOLUTION: The Evolution Control Committee on the "evolution" side of course, and the "de-evolution" side supported by Devo tribute band Mongoloid. We'll be accompanied by New Yorker Alan Astor for a dynamite show! Catch it if you can!

03/10/05: We're back from fantastic shows at Grand Arts and SEAT, thanks to everyone who came out! We're working on new material, what a great feeling. We're keeping the next couple months mostly open for that, but there are two important exceptions:

Bunny Jam 2005 is coming and The Evolution Carrot Committee will present a one-off show you've never seen before: "FLUPH-IN" will look awfully familiar to those that have seen the old 60's "Laugh-In" program... bunny style. The weekend after that, ECC will be back in Thimbletronic style at the Dustfish fundraiser, playing some ECC classics as well as brand new material! Both events feature a HUGE roster of other bands, DJs, and performances of very unique stuff. Go! GO! GO!!!

02/17/05: We're slowly conforming the new ECC west coast studios in San Frnacisco to our liking, and working on new material. Also gearing up for two shows sure to be awesome: Las Vegas as SEAT and Kansas City at Grand Arts, our first appearances in both cities! Join us if you can. We're keeping our live shows to a minimum in order to develop new work, but stay tuned for an upcoming April 2 show in San Francisco and there's also shows brewing in the Pacific Northwest again -- May 13 in Portland so far, more to come!

1/26/05: Thanks BIGTIME for all those that came out for the many ECC shows over the last month! We saw many people we hadn't seen for years as well as a cavalcade of fresh first-time faces. We're looking forward to seeing all of them again soon! Keep your eyes trained here for upcoming show dates. Our shows in the Pacific Northwest went particularly well, and we are already laying the groundwork for another visit to Portland, Seattle, and Eugene.

In the meanwhile, The ECC has a visit to Park City for the Freedom Cinema Festival (forget Sundance; waltz across the street to our deal). After that, February and March will be largely spent on developing long-overdue new material and generally getting caught up with things. We're very excited about many future possibilities, including expanding the Thimbletron to become a live video sampler... stay tuned!

12/06/04: Corrected a few links on the Sounds, Videos, and Broadcasts pages. Those to those who wrote in to point out the bad links! Stay tuned for dates for the upcoming US TOUR with Chromelodeon!

12/01/04: It's a bit unexpected for us, but it seems Mental Monkey Records lined up a show with The ECC but delayed in letting us know about it... eep! Well, we won't disappoint -- join us on December 4th and we'll do our best to entertain. We're currently brewing up new material for a US tour with Chromelodeon coming up Dec. 28 through Jan. 16! (Sorry, no new material will be ready for the Dec. 4 show.) Also stay tuned for ECC shows in the Pacific Northwest, plus an appearance at the Sundance Festival...

Thanks to all that attended our Halloween soundtrack for Nosferatu -- by all accounts, it was a runaway success! So much so that we're brainstorm how to tour this and other silent movie soundtracks in the future... stay tuned!

10/23/04: In addition to the web updates below, we've also added the first and second live broadcasts that will be aired on KULT Radio over the next two weeks. There will be newer and better broadcasts one we're back in the Bay Area (mid-November)!

Future Live Dates: We probably have late October dates in Ohio -- but more notably -- can your heart stand the shocking tale of ECC with The Bran Flakes LIVE?!? Add Seksu Roba to that and we've got a tour: We have dates brewing in Seattle, Portland and Eugene Oregon... stay tuned for confirmation! There's also a dozen or two US dates in January possible... stay tuned!!!

BROWSER CRASH? Let us know... we're trying some
new things out with our site enhancements. Thank you!

09/28/04: Finally -- WEB UPDATES!!

We've forced ourselves to do at least a modicum of long, long overdue web updating before going off to do the ExperimentaClub Festival in Spain, the CMJ Marathon in NYC, and then an original soundtrack for the silent horror masterpiece Nosferatu at the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio.

There's a brand new VIDEOS section now! Watch any of eight ECC videos, include NAFTA Dance (winner of Lumpen's K.A.R.A.O.K.E. Competition) and Live Infringement, which will show you just how fun a live ECC show can be!

There's an entire new DJ Pantshead album --
Download the whole thing from the Sounds page!

The ECC will be hosting a weekly radio program on the new KULT Radio station! Listen each Monday (9pm to midnight PST) online or on 96.3 FM in San Francisco!

08/08/04: Perhaps we'll see you at Burning Man? The ECC will be manning the Burning Man Information Radio station every afternoon during the festival. Tune in, or drop into the studios in center camp!

Also, more Bay Area performances plus the great ExperimentaClub Festival in Madrid, Spain and perhaps NYC for the CMJ Marathon...!

05/28/04: Months later, The ECC updates -- well, not as much as we'd hoped; as usual, we've thought that the website update would be finished by now, and also as usual, it's not. In better news, The ECC has nearly completed a new press/promo pack with a 13-minute video; that will be available online with the mythical update. The update will likely take place with our transfer of web hosts, but we aim to have it done before mid-June (yes, this year, smartypants), before tradeMark G. takes off for Europe to do a festival in Poland. It's an opera festival. Yeah, really.

Meanwhile, tradeMark's residency at The Headlands is coming to an end, during which a magic carpet has been constructed. (Also, the lack of show updates is owed to the Headlands' lack of internet connectivity...) New music is being worked on (er, kinda) and shows in LA and San Fran being prepared for. Also of note; ECC will have official participation in Burning Man's Information Radio station this year -- expect custom shows, including the first-ever public broadcast of the Automated Hobo recordings!

02/27/04: Well, that was an unnecessarily long time since our last update, even of the upcoming shows... but it's not for lack of efforts in other areas. ECC founder tradeMark G. is on temporary assignment to the San Francisco ECC offices, working on... 

10/10/03: We'd hoped to be able to post updates from the road, but the venerable ECC laptop, the thimbletronic converter for many a live thimbletron demonstration, DIED! A moment of silence please for this mechanical hero; it has served our purposes solidly (well, semi-solidly) all over the world for many years.

Meanwhile, check out The ECC at the fantastic but final Avant Garage Film Festival doing an intense all-vinyl soundtrack to the 1925 Soviet comedy "Chess Fever". If you miss the Columbus show, consider seeing it in Cincinnati -- the fest is worth the drive. Between the two, The ECC hits the road for remote shows in Minneapolis and NYC. Anyone interested in booking ECC shows in other nearby cities should contact us!

Thanks to all those who made shows at the Odeon Bar in San Francisco, at Burning Man, and in Minneapolis, Chicago, and Cincinnati the blasts they were! And no thanks to Gigsville for cancelling all Friday shows and not telling anyone!

08/06/03: As always, a quick update (never enough time for something more, it seems) -- ECC heads west for the Burning Man festival, stopping off in Minneapolis for a great show on the way! A few good shows coming in October, including the final installment of the great Avant Garage festival series -- the 10th and final combination of great bands doing soundtracks to great silent films.

Going to BURNING MAN? Find us! ECC main-man tradeMark G. will hold up the ECC representation with a few live ECC performances as well as Cheese & Pants Theater shows! Once you get to Burning Man, go to the corner of Literal and Dogma, aka 7:00 and the 4th block back from the esplanade... that's the Woo Village. Find The Flaming Cunts camp. Then look for the hearse or ask for tradeMark!

07/10/03: Quick show update -- ECC is on the More Than Music schedule, though we have yet to receive any confirmation, information, or contact from them about the show yet. C'mon guys, get it together...

06/04/03: We're about to hit Europe once again -- see above for the dates! And before leaving we've finally done some updating to the web pages. When we changed hosts a few months ago some links got left behind, especially on the Sounds page; all of those should be fixed now. Also check the Sounds page for not one but two new ECC VIDEOS! You'll also find that the pages on the Thimbletron and the CBS Threat have gotten minor improvements. And for some reason we keep forgetting to suggest the third but most obvious outlet for purchasing copies of Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0:

Duh! And while you're there, pick up that new Negativland CD you don't have yet!

Rumor has it that our new CD is -so- well liked at WFMU that it's #1 on the main charts and the RPM (dance) charts! Thank you!!! FMU gets played frequently in The ECC labs; if you haven't listened to them yet, do yourself a favor and tune in!

05/28/03: With our local CD release show behind us (and a good one it was), we forge ahead: Big show in Cincinnati for the opening of a new building at the Contemporary Arts Center (thanks, Darren & Shake It!), then it's off to Europe for the Impakt Festival and some scattered shows north of London in the UK (thanks Nigel & Pickled Egg, and Joana too!).

CD release show was simply awesome -- gigantic thanks & props to Mad Lab, Grand Buffet, Stutter Brothers, DJ Empirical and those who packed the place (almost had to turn people away!) to join in all the fun!

Thanks also to Bug'n'mix in France for such a great streaming concert that ECC was part of! We have recordings and they should be online soon...

05/07/03: Back now from San Francisco where The ECC played some super fun shows -- mad props go out to Xty the FC commander, Chicken John & The Odeon Bar, and Big City Orchestra for coordinating those fun times! Meanwhile The ECC's Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0 CD is going NUTS, climbing charts like jungle-gyms and getting rave reviews everywhere! We'll be posting some of those along with some other long-overdue new content... um... eventually.

More shows are on the horizon in the Ohio area for May... we're also seeking shows surrounding the June 7th show in Holland; if any Europeans are reading this and might be able to help book a show, contact us!

04/19/03: The ECC's new release, Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0, is now officially RELEASED! Yes indeedy, the CD is now as available as any Negativland CD (thanks to a co-release on their Seeland label), so you can pick it up from places as cool as your local good music store, or as uncool as But if you looking for suggestions, we highly recommend Illegal Art, which carries everything we offer. Meanwhile, hit tunes like "I Want A Cookie" and "Star Spangled Balogna" are on the airwaves in many cities, and reviews and interviews will be hitting the old media shortly!

Columbus types, you've been asking and asking, and finally, the CD release party is decided -- Mad Lab, May 17. We thought long and hard about taking it to a larger venue for this larger release, but why? Mad Lab has supported us for years and we will not forget our roots and those who've helped us! Look in the show listings above for details!

Bay Area types, The ECC is coming your way! Look above for no less than three show listings in your area, including one with prolific musical weirdos of equal longevity of The ECC, none other than Big City Orchestra.

Chicago Area Types, thank you for being so awesome during the Version>03 festival! Our appearances at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Sonoteque, and Camp Gay were great successes, and as a result, The ECC's CJ Pinch Rolla took first place at The 2003 BEIGE Cassette Jockey World Championship! Word of advice to you cut-up fans: Keep a close eye on TV Sheriff -- his live shows are what Emergency Broadcast Network would be doing today!

More web updates hopefully forthcoming soon, since we have no travel plans for -- um -- well, a week.

03/25/03: Corrected the link for the Bush Speech -- sorry! You can also download the album it's from (Gunderphonic) in its entirety, now hosted directly from our site. Thanks much to for hosting it for so many years until now.

Also note the date change for the Chicago shows (the dates were switched for the 5/26 and 5/27 shows).

Big ups to the Nantes crew of Le Lieu Unique for the great I.D.E.A.L. Festival, and thanks to the hundreds (if not thousands) who came to see it!


If you are, or know, someone who would be interested to book a show at a club, gallery, or other venue, and can also promote that show in the area with flyers, press, radio, or other promotion, contact us. We are mainly looking for shows in the US, east of the Mississippi, and generally not in the south (they possibly) -- i.e., the midwest and east coast. We're also aiming to book a west coast tour, and Canada is fair game too.

Please understand: We are NOT looking for suggestions of clubs to play at, friendly radio stations, and so on. We are looking for people -- active people who can and will book and promote a show. Those people will know where those clubs and radio stations are.

We want to visit as many cities as we can. Organizing this tour ourselves will be a monumental task that will make us get even less sleep than we do now. With the help of others, we'll reach far and wide (and avoid mental breakdown and resulting tour cancellation).


Contact us:

03/18/03: What a sad time to update y'all, as King George stands poised to start a war that no other nations nor its citizens approve of -- all in a term's work for a Bush! And we were around for the first one too, which is why we've plucked the original "Bush Speech (corrected)" out of the vaults and made it available for you to download. To continue with the patriotic theme, we've decided we need to share "Star Spangled Balongna", the opening track from the upcoming Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0. Speaking of which...

Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0
Official Release Date: April 15, 2003

Thanks to the great guys of Seeland/Negativland, The ECC's newest CD will see a great availability for you! Don't believe me? What, being able to pre-order it from or Barnes & Noble ain't good enough for ya?? Sheesh, there's no pleasing some people. Beyond just those two sources, you should have no trouble finding it at your fave cool music store, as well as many uncool ones too.

Upcoming shows in France, Chicago, Columbus (CD release party), and Pittsburgh. See the chart above for details...

More web updating coming in April...

02/08/03: Great time in Chicago for the Illegal Art Festival! Big bold thanks go out to In These Times and Jessica C., Buddy & EdMar, and all of you great fans who showed up to join in the fun! And just in case you missed it, there are still two gigs of videos from the show that you can download, and you'll hopefully see ECC back in Chicago in late March for Version>03!

01/27/03: As usual, it's been too long since our last update, but isn't that always the case? Many things are afoot... In the Future: The ECC will be playing at the Illegal Art Festival in Chicago, as part of their Mash Up Video Festival -- much the same festival like we played in NYC last month, just further west... and the NYC fest was GREAT!! Thanks to Carrie and so many others which pulled it all together! The fest may go to San Francisco during the summer... March brings a fantastic show in Paris, the I.D.E.A.L. Festival with a bunch of great names: Jean-Jacque Perrey, Tipsy, Wire, Quintron, Alec Empire... and The ECC, right in the middle! This should be a fantastic festival; highly recommended if you can make it... and yes, the long-awaited Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0 is currently being pressed, in preparation for a solid release date of April 15, 2003 (tax day!)... a CD release party is sure to happen in Columbus, OH at least; possibly elsewhere... and In the Past: A tour of Germany and Holland went splendidly, with some really wonderful shows and times to be had. Thanks especially to Andreas and Puschen Booking for setting the whole thing up, and thanks to all the promoters for each show for such fun times and great hospitality! You treated as well, and as our reward to you, you get to go to heaven... also big ups to Pittsburgh's uncompromising Grand Buffet for putting us on stage for their CD release party, supergreat!

10/16/02: A number of ECC shows are upcoming including Pittsburgh, NYC, and a rare German ECC tour! These are the first ECC dates in Germany in two years, thanks to the great folks at Puschen. Check their tour page for our dates and other good upcoming tours as well... ECC merchandise is flowing freely from the web catalogs of Illegal Arts and CDStreet. A number of orders have come through, with all customers receiving their merch within a week or so! ... Plagiarhythm Nation v2.0 is in its final mastering and artwork stages; many new tracks will be featured... and a familiar old one featuring Dan Rather on lead vocals! There's still a lot of legwork to go, but figure it'll hit the streets around February 2003. ... If you happen to be near Minneapolis, check out the Festival of Appropriation and see an installation of The ECC's tradeMark G's public artworks! 

8/15/02: FINALLY!! Yes, the web site (and mail ordering) is finally getting a few of the long-needed updates. The big news is that The ECC will no longer accept orders directly. ECC merchandise is now being carried by Illegal Arts and CDStreet. They have ECC merchandise in stock and deliver promptly. Unfulfilled orders we have already received will be fulfilled by mid-October 2002. Read the Ordering page for more details. During this transition some merchandise will be unavailable for a while and some older releases will be deleted from the catalog. The ECC PayPal account will continue to exist to receive your tips and donations:

Plagiarhythm Nation, the new ECC full-length CD, is undergoing its second remastering attempt and is doing nicely. It will be released by year's end, likely earlier.

You've just got to hear our newest track, "Don't Miss The Great Snatch". It's on the New Sounds page along with a few other new tracks.

7/11/02: Still in need of a major update.  :-(  But a few things of note: The press area is now updated (in hopes of arranging shows near you!). There's been a lot of new articles and interviews and many are archived there. The ECC has a track on Eenie Meenie's fantastic Cookbook Compilation. You gotta see this thing! Amazing package available on CD or vinyl! Order from them directly... Another compilation appearance for The ECC, on UndergroundFM's new compilation CD of Columbus music, "The Sounds of the Underground / Spring 2002" (order it from them directly).

5/22/02: No time to write a full entry here, but The ECC was mentioned (at least online) in the New York Times' article about the bootlegger music trend... Also the England experience was top-notch; more to tell about that later. Now that we're back we're focusing on mail orders and getting the new Plagiarhythm Nation CD finished for good...

 4/19/02: ECC is top of the boomselection blog with our new Love Shag track. Scroll down on that page to see a reprint of the Spin article that mentions ECC. NYC shows last week were hit & miss; we're working hard to make England (starting next week) all hits with no misses. Our new James Brownian Motion Generator has passed initial tests and will be demonstrated publicly. Er, anyone in NYC find our box of merch CDs? And our cellphone? sigh...

4/2/02: Many parts of these pages are in dire need of update. We did at least update the Sounds page with a few new tracks, and fortunately we're getting the upcoming shows listed here too...

Lately there's been a big buzz in England about Bastard Pop, aka Bootlegs, aka juxtaposing your fave vocal track on top of an unlikely instrumental track. A familiar formula? It has been for us; we used just that formula on the Whipped Cream Mixes 7" and our original master recording is now almost ten years old. Now, well over 5,000 of those 7"s later (US and UK), the press (mostly UK, such The Wire who interviewed The ECC directly) have latched right onto "Bastard Pop", with the March 2002 issue of Spin magazine finally breaking the story to the US.  Suddenly people are realizing how The ECC has been years ahead of this trend. Well, naturally -- what kind of evolution did you think we controlled here in the Music Division?  

Future shows are being planned here and there, though we hope to mount a full-scale TOUR in support of our newest CD, Plagiarhythm Nation. While the CD is for sale at live ECC shows (see above for calendar), it is not yet available by mail-order or in stores, because (drumroll, please) ECC's management have reached an agreement with Negativland's label Seeland to co-release the CD! This means that you'll be able to find the CD more conveniently than ever... forget mail-order; this time it'll be readily available at a convenient (but not convenience) store. However, this is still another few months away. If we can find time for a proper web update, we'll post some preview MP3s on the Sounds page. We're now starting to direct our attention to the long overdue Default's Greatest Hits compilation of Napster Nuggets, which may now have found a friendly label home as well.

Eenie Meenie Records has released the Cookbook CD compilation, which includes the Friedmix of Magnetize Your Food. It's a fantastic compilation which includes a cookbook with fave recipes from each participating band, plus a custom drink coaster! Best of all, you can get it on vinyl too! 

For those curious, the Australian tour was a fantastic success! Thimbletronic energy has now been tested south of the equator, and besides causing people to spin the opposite direction when they dance, no effects more ill than previously seen were discovered. Thanks to all those in the down-under-ground who helped and supported The ECC, especially Shannon/Electrofringe, This Is Not Art, TILT, and the Antediluvian Rocking Horsies!

Thanks also to those great minds who came together for the Outside The Lines conference. In their admirable wisdom they invited Mark G. of The ECC to participate in a panel and workshop.

Although this has been available to press people for a while, we're now offering a public link to our Press Area. Check out our promo materials, press releases, and pathetic press photos.

Our new ECC shirts have been selling well... keep yourself warm with a long-sleeved one this winter! Give one as a gift to someone who works at McDonald's and see how quickly they get fired (and how quickly we get sued)!

OUT OF STOCK: Though we're thankful for the brisk sales, we're now out of stock of The Whipped Cream Mixes 7" (unknown restock date) and Deconstructing Beck (getting more soon, along with the new Commercial Ad Hoc CD). Also, we are permanently out of stock of the infamous Rocked By Rape 7", unless someone out there bootlegs a run. (hint?)  But as mentioned in Spin Magazine, it's a runaway success on Napster, not to mention being available from our archives as well.

Fun.Finds is hosting some benefit auctions to help fund ECC operating expenses! These auctions are of various equipment and other odd items. Read the list of their auctions for the full deal, and thanks for your bid... it'll help fund the next CD!

    If you look at our auctions you'll notice a PayPal link with that; we're getting things set up so that you can order ECC items via PayPal. Which means -- you can FINALLY order items via credit card! Yay! EZ-E-commerce! Woop woop! We're trying to coordinate that properly, but for now we'll just say that we will accept payment from now on to our PayPal account. Full details are on the ordering page, but basically you just email us a list of what you want to buy and we'll email back the total and the link you can click for payment. We hope to make this automatic soon!

12/13/00: We demonstrated it in Europe. We brought it back to the US and irradiated Columbus audiences. Find out about the fascinating world of Thimbletronic Energy in our new Thimbletronic Research page! Then go experience the power of the Thimbletron for yourself:

Some great new Napster Nuggets have been added to the Culture Jamming page!

Although this has been available to press people for a while, we're now offering a public link to our Press Area. Check out our promo materials, press releases, and pathetic press photos.

11/22/00: We're back! Europe rocked... by rape, even. Details on the shows and other updating of the site will be done somewhat soon. Meanwhile, those in the central Ohio area will have an upcoming chance to be the first audience stateside to hear the fascinating THIMBLETRON:

2 December 2000 Columbus, OH @ Mad Lab

Fascinating new Napster Nuggets also coming soon!.

[10/9/2K] P.S.: Mara Schwartz, editor-in-chief of Circuit e-mag, wrote a great article for the LA Weekly that fans of ECC, Negativland, John Oswald, and the like might enjoy. Read it!

09/27/00: We can see the future... and it's... European! The Evolution Control Committee will be singly represented by The ECC's Mark G. at these select locations:

24 October 2000 Stuttgart, Germany @ HI
25 October 2000 Bielefeld, Germany @ AJZ
26 October 2000 Hamburg, Germany @ Molotow
29 October 2000 Milan, Italy @ Web & TV Fest
30 October 2000 Milan, Italy @ Web & TV Fest

The German performances will be supporting Bablicon's tour. During all of the above performances we hope to introduce a new device that ECC Research & Development has been working on... Codename THIMBLETRON ...a revolutionary, custom-built sample triggering device. Sadly, the new ECC CD will not be ready for the tour... but we're getting closer.

NEW SHIRTS!! It's been a long time coming, and finally there are new ECC shirts for the having. Rather than just do standard old t-shirts, we've gone all out and done custom embroidered work shirts... truly gorgeous. See them for yourself!

NEW COMPILATIONS: We are now stocking the long-awaited etoy toywar.LULLABIES CD compilation. We also now have copies of Realistic's 12" "Smells Like Teen Disco" EP featuring a remix by The ECC.

Evolution Controlled Creations has some items from the catalog up for auction on eBay. There's nothing there that isn't in our catalog already, but we will be listing some rare/special items in the future that are not in the catalog.
In other auction news... Fun.Finds is periodically hosting some benefit auctions to help fund ECC operating expenses! These auctions are of video and audio equipment, collectible games, and other odd items. Read the list of their auctions for the full deal, and thanks for your bid... it'll help fund the next CD!

    If you look at our auctions you'll notice a PayPal link with that; we're getting things set up so that you can order ECC items via PayPal. Which means -- you can FINALLY order items via credit card! Yay! EZ-E-commerce! Woop woop! We're trying to coordinate that properly, but for now we'll just say that we will accept payment from now on to our PayPal account. Email us a list of what you want to buy and we'll email back the total and the link you can click for payment. We hope to make this automatic soon!

04/05/00: So, you want more stuff to listen to? How about over 17 HOURS of stuff?? Is that enough??? We proudly present archival recordings of The ECC's Grootnik P. Bargelights' weekly radio show... ten to choose from! Jump on over to the Sounds page to start listening. Coming soon (we hope): A streaming MP3 station of them, for your continuous listening pleasure!

03/17/00: Many updates today: The Culture Jamming section makes it debut with a tremendously amusing description of our original creation: Napster Bombs. Make sure you check the Live Broadcasts section regularly as we now have more frequent and reliable netcasts. We're pretty happy with how the Message Board is going, so it gets its own spot on the navigation bar to the left. Also, no news is good news regarding our CBS Threat -- read all about it. We've put up a whole album of New Sounds: The ECC's DJ Pantshead's mix CD, which we've also added to the catalog! Finally, a few other things have been added to the catalog as well: The Noise Kills Punk Dead compilation CD, and the Fact 22 and Realistic CDs. Oh, and The ECC's video now has previews. Phew! Can we go to bed now?

03/10/00: Thanks to all those that have been calling in your sounds to our voicemail number: 1-877-243-7372 (aka 1-UP-RAGE-REPAY)! We'll be using those sounds and may put some online soon. Stay tuned for a web update within a few days...

02/09/00: The Evolution Control Committee's plight with CBS is one of the top stories of Wired News for 2/9/00. Read it -- it's a great article! And in case you have any trouble downloading the mp3 full previews of Rocked By Rape, try the mirror site (thanks, Yum!). has refused to carry it.

01/31/00: We just added a message board. It's on another site; hopefully we'll have dedicated one here in a little while. Looks decent though. Enjoy!

01/29/00: Two new sections have been added: The !! Alert !! section about CBS' legal threat and a section of information about Live Broadcasts. Please, read the Alert section! We are very likely about to lose ownership of one of our best works! We would greatly appreciate you contacting some of the people listed in that section to express your opinion about this!

01/25/00: *** NEWS FLASH ***


Full details and reactions are coming soon, but we have received a threat of legal action from CBS regarding our release Rocked By Rape. For now, The ECC's official response is undecided, but Eerie Materials will no longer sell or distribute it. Our advice is get your copies while you can!

Oh, and... the RealAudio previews of the items in the catalogs work now. Yay!

01/19/00: *finally*... FINALLY! We proudly present to you... the new look. Our long overdue update for the web site is here! Hell, you're looking at it now! Take a stroll around the new digs; try not to ash on the carpet please. Click on one of the bands or catalog areas to the left and take a gander at the items offered. There's also a section of new sounds containing new, unreleased music! Interested in something in the catalog? Order it!
    We've got a number of things planned for the website, but wanted to get at least something online to replace the alzheimer-ridden version of the site that was up before. By the way, we know that the RealAudio previews of the catalog items aren't working right now -- sorry; we're working on that now. In the future expect more new sounds to listen to, new products, and hopefully a whole section of live broadcasts with a schedule of future ones to tune into. Check back regularly!