Concerned about where you can and can't use your artistic license, or about its validity? Perhaps this email exchange with a potential customer will answer your concerns:

Can i cross through The job hiring Process. they need two forms of Id with my age and adress.

Yes, as long as you're applying to be an artist.

are they going to verify my id?

Yes, if they are an accredited artistic institution.

did you ever tried this id to get a JOb.>?

Yes! Thanks to my license, I now work as an artistic license manufacturer.

i have one more query actually i am applying to a IT consulting job i
am creating this id so they will not ask my driver license as my age
is only 20 year. i am trying to get in to 500 fortune company So as
far is age is concerned would this id be acceptable you think?

Dear "Artist",

Artist Licenses are for artists only. Although age is not important to artistry, concept is. Your concept of an IT consulting job as a performance art piece has the potential to be novel or even intriguing, but before issuing your artistic license we must know more. Please provide more details about your performance art, including concept, duration, intended audience, expected result, as well as details on past and future IT consulting performance art pieces.

Once you have provided adequate information and answers, then we can process your license application.

Thank you,

- TradeMark G.
Artistic Licensor


Artistic License