Sound Of Plaid Archive: Listener Requests IV

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The Sound Of Plaid

Sound Of Plaid episode 2012.04.12: Listener Requests IV

Our Listener Request shows are proving to be the most creative and fun show, both for us and you.  Largely thanks to this simple rule:

The Rule: Do NOT request specific songs.  Vague concepts only.

We got dozens of requests via Facebook and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for everything from soup to empiricism, farm animals, 80's sweater queen, bald women, and mating to the sound of macramé.  We did our best to match up the right song to each concept.

Download the episode, or listen to it now:

Here's the playlist for the show, including each listener's request, who requested it, and the song we selected to match it.

Request: By: Song: Artist/Musician/Band:
Farm Animals Manx Darcqpaw The Happy Farmer Raymond Scott Quintette
    Pig Farmer Lars Vegas
A song about people of different races/classes/ethnicities loving and celebrating each other Reynard D. F. National Brotherhood Week Tom Lehrer
Soup Kayla P. Scapegoat Soup The Evolution Control Committee
Something loud and yellow Stephen C. Yellow Calx Aphex Twin
The negative space left by an imploding submersible Mara B. One Of Our Submarines Thomas Dolby
Anything containing a 2n+1 beat, where n > 2 Bezoar Your Country Needs You M
80's sweater queen Michael W. (stolen from Pascal R.) Sweater Girl (Top Billin' Rmx) Beef Humper
Garbage-fueled raccoons James A. G. Coalition Of Hobos, Raccoons Collapses Over Meaty Bone The Onion
Bald women Kim S. Bald-Headed Woman Odetta
Empiricism David D. Empires Snog
Creep into the vagina of a living female whale Pea Hicks Cosmic Vagina Peter Gault & Amy Rachelle
L'esprit D'escalier David D. Esprit De L'Escalier Fay Lovsky
Something to bring on an Epileptic Fit Estefan Epilepsy '82 Severed Heads
High fevers and convulsions Lena S. Convulsive Antidote For Nerve Agent Autoinjector (Canaa) General Patton & The X-Ecutioners
Mexed missages Pea Hicks Negro Y Azul - The Ballad Of Heisenberg
(thanks to Bezoar for the corrida suggestion!)
Los Cuates De Sinaloa
Mating to the sound of macramé Pea Hicks Mating Season Dana Brown
    Takes You On An Adventure In Fashion With A Ball Of Yarn Brother
Ping pong percussion.
Excessive stereo separation abuse.
Rich L. Ping-Pong and Provacative Percussion intros Enoch Light, mostly
    Ping-Pong Percussion Power Party The Evolution Control Committee
Saxploitation Pea Hicks New York's alright if you like saxophones Fear
Moon Craig D. The Fucking Moon The Evolution Control Committee
    Astronauts Going to the Moon Wayne Butane
Trivial falsehoods / Uncommon insights Julie L. E. / Bezoar When I Was Little Bert & Ernie (Sesame Street)
Histrionic recollections of the 60's Tyler D. Can't Get No Satisfaction Hullabaloo TV Show
Blacklight Braille Lesley P. Track 04 Blacklight Braille

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