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Album cover for Teleprompting by Kumquat

Sound Of Plaid episode 2012.10.19: Special Guest KUMQUAT (Fred Church)

Album debut!  Kumquat (Fred Church) joins us to celebrate the release of his new album Teleprompting featuring none other than Barack Obama on lead vocals!  Painstakingly scoured from the audio book of Obama's autobiography, Teleprompting avoids the cliché of music which samples politicians solely to criticize, parody, or occasionally praise.

“The music prompts the listener to think about the person that Obama grew up being, rather than the caricature that often exists today.  It is fun and provocative to put Obama’s voice in specific situations from his past: being chased by a girl on an elementary school playground, making forced small talk while eating stale cheese puffs, hiking down a mud path in rural Indonesia.  Each song on Teleprompting is anchored to a specific time and place in Obama’s early life,” says Kumquat’s founder, Fred Church.

On this show we listen to the whole album and talk with Fred about his inspiration and background on each track.  You can also download the whole album for free.  Kumquat previously appeared on The Sound of Plaid episode 2011.05.12 with PimpDaddySupreme and has joined ECC and Professor Ben on panel talks in Seattle and New Orleans.

Band:   Song:   Album:
Queen   Killer Queen   Greatest Hits Vol.1 & 2
rx   imagine...walk on the wild side   thepartyparty
CassetteBoy   Blair Vs Bush   CassetteBoy Is Killing Music
Kumquat   Filthy Beauty   Teleprompting
Kumquat   Mr. Boyfriend   Teleprompting
Kumquat   Redheaded Sasquatch For Jesus   Redheaded Sasquatch For Jesus
Kumquat   Cigarettes And Leather   Teleprompting
Scott Walmsley   george penis    
Kumquat   Stale Cheese Puffs   Teleprompting
EBN   We Will 'raq You    
Steinski & Mass Media   It's Up To You (Television Mix)   No Rights Given Or Implied: The Original Samplers
The Evolution Control Committee   Bush Speech (Corrected) (Part 1)   Gunderphonic
Kumquat   Black Trees   Teleprompting
The Rub Feat. Bill Clinton on Sax   George Bush is an Islamic Fundamentalist   Cassetteboy Vs. DJ Rubbish – Inside A Whale's Cock Vol. 1
Kumquat   Tuckpointing   Teleprompting
The Evolution Control Committee   Pertaining To The Beat   All Rights Reserved
JAM Creative Productions, Inc.   KBIL radio jingle    
Kumquat   There's A Struggle Goin' On   Teleprompting
Kumquat   Holding A Dragonfly   Teleprompting

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