Sound Of Plaid Archive: Listener Requests VI

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Sound of Plaid logoThe Sound Of Plaid episode 2013.01.21:  Listener Requests VI

Our first listener request episode of the year! As usual, vague requests only -- no specific songs. So by request, we play songs about fuzzy math, papercuts, stewing moccasins, ironic haircuts, 70's cereal commercials, salami lotion, girls who like lunch and so much more!

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Request: Request By: Song: Band:
Yo-yo Tricks Fred Church aka Kumquat Yo-yo Champ Frankie Smith
Jimmy Carter Fred Church aka Kumquat Jimmy Carter Says Yes Jimmy Marshall
Ironic Haircuts David Ettenger A People's History of the Ironic Haircut The Brokedowns
Hot Midget Tranny Clowns DJ Manos Clown Midget Dumpster Juice
Bicycle Dok Zirroneous Bicycle Built for Two - Music From Mathematics IBM 7090 Computer
Fuzzy Math dAS (same as above - one song satisfying two requests)  
Foods That One Must Light on Fire Fred Church aka Kumquat Twix Flambe Hornheads
Outty Bellybutton Kent Barnes Bionic Bellybutton and Bellybutton (mixed together) FantomenK and Sufjan Stevens
70's Cereal Commercials Fred Church aka Kumquat Monster Adventures in Outer Space Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Booberry
Food. Or Outer Space. Steven Olaf Food Rap Buck 65 (from listener Kent Barnes)
Scotch and Asparagas Aric Vance Asparagas Next Left Half-man Half-bisquit
Salami Lotion! Reynard D. Fox Wet Salami Salami Brothers
Papercuts and hot sauce Scotty BigStyle Lees Papercutz K-OS
Hot Sauce Scotty BigStyle Lees Hot Sauce Susie Gene Sedric
Rainbows Ezra Ismont If You Want the Rainbow Annette Henshaw
Knife Spy Little Fyodor Spy is Spy Knife in the Leg
Mercy and The Government justjohn The Americans Godon Sinclair
Sequelae Ken Chasa aka Mathboy Mishra-Sequela Laszlo Hortobagyi
Science fiction, serious, no filk Rock Roswell Ten ET Tiwa La Planete Sauvage
Deep Voices dAS Dyin' For a Dry Martini Rick Maver and The Posse
Palilalia Topher Brown You're Nobody til Somebody Loves You Shooby Taylor
Girls Who Like Lunch Ezra Ismont Lunchtime Budget Girls
The Dark Side of the Toast David Ettenger Black Burned Toast Ben Wild and The Wild Band
Vaugue Recollections of Days Gone By Ezra Ismont She's Gone Superelvis
Sumo Wresling and Damaged Kittens Lauri Lynnxe Murphy Sumo Wrestling Tuxedo Cats YouTube video
Toaster Oven Kayla Pollnow Rappin' With Gas National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation (thanks Steven Olaf)
Toe Jam Ken Rinaldo Toe Jam Suger Blues / Alex Chilton
Jam Ezra Ismont (same as above - one song satisfying two requests)  
The Deindustrialization of Human Society, Now That We Have Passed Peak Oil Mark Welch Chapter 27 - From Deindustrialization to Globalization Spoken by Frilly
Commet Music Nilla Beer Symphonies of the Planets NASA
Blind Mirror Cleaners Billy Lowe Blind Mirror Surf Can
Beryllium Doug Wolk Beryllium Clock - Bragg's Key and Was Ist Die Beryllium Barriere (mixed together) John Debney / Dr. Who and Harold Lesch

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