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MelloDeath - Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Saturday, 17 October 2009 12:35

We got a request from "a budding filmmaker in the Middle East" to use a bit from our early-90's proto-Richard-Cheese side project MelloDeath.  The song: a haunting version of Nirvana's swan song, "Smells Like Teen Spirit".  We intend to rerelease the entire MelloDeath album at some point, but until then, here's an MP3 of that track, straight from the DAT master.

MelloDeath - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Download: VBR (4.9 meg) -- 320 kbps (13.3 meg)



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Friday, 09 October 2009 10:13

Mr. Fab (RIAA / Bootie LA) pulled one out from the past:

Mr Fab from mashup project RIAA/LA Bootie crew here.  Was wondering what was the source material for PooPoo Varmint's "Swopepusha"? Just heard a new song called "Baby" by a group called the Phenomenal Handclap Band and the ending sounds like the loop used on "Swopepusha."

I downloaded "Swopepusha" off Napster musta been 10 years ago and played it a hundred times, at least.  So so great.  So I recognized it right away in "Baby."

Appreciations on the props, and now to tell some stories about the background of our song:

Okay, sources revealed: Putney Swope, an awesome 1969 movie is it.  It appears the soundtrack music is by Charley Cuva, and although a soundtrack album was not released at the time of the movie, an after-the-fact soundtrack was made later (and the LP of that would make a great birthday present for me... ahem).  The music's from a commercial in the movie for Go Lucky Airlines; that soundtrack webpage includes a 45-second preview of the music that ECC sampled.  Also check this video's music track (skip to 1:02 if you're impatient) and you'll recognize the theme in a different song.

The Swopepusha / Swopepusher track was actually the second track by Poopoo Varmint, a collaboration of The ECC / DJ Pantshead with T!x Eon.  Now that you know the source material you can decode the title: Swopepusha = Putney Swope + Squarepusher, although no actual Squarepusher was sampled in the track.  Since Poopoo Varmint's first collaboration, After All, got some good play & attention by appearing on etoy's TOYWAR.lullabies compilation, I figured Swopepusha (a much stronger track, in my opinion) would do well.  Alas, it didn't end up finding a home, except on The ECC's webpage (and Napster).

Last year I picked open the track's Acid files, hoping to re-render it to something better than the 128kbps MP3 version (no .WAV saved? duh) but version 2 stalled and I didn't quite make it through.  After Mr. Fab's email I took another stab and ended up with the updated version 3 below.  Somewhat better fidelity, although it's the same arrangement as the original.

As with any art you revisit from 9 years in the past, there's a lot I'd do differently now... but for now, at least here's a version you can hear a little better.

Swopepusha v3 (2009)

Swopepusha v1 (2000)

P.S.:  And by the way, that's Mae West moaning in the background.


The Sound Of Plaid radio show for 2009.10.06

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Wednesday, 07 October 2009 11:10

This episode: TradeMark and Frilly celebrate science, with cuts from They Might Be Giants' new album "Here Comes Science" and other connected science songs; also many late 60's and early 70's British lounge/swinger instrumental music cuts.  Listen below or download for later:



The Sound Of Plaid radio show for 2009.09.29

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Wednesday, 30 September 2009 08:57

Our first syndicated show!  From now on each episode airs live Tuesdays on FCC Free Radio, then repeats Thursdays on DFM Radio international and Shouting Fire.  Also new this week: you can always hear the most recent episode at this permanent, unchanging link:


This episode: TradeMark and Frilly read more from the Christian Charm Course for girls and its companion boy version Man In Demand, both by Emily and Wayne Hunter, along with music from The Meters, The Mowhawks, Salt-n-Pepa, Royksapp, Luie Luie, The Three Suns, Wayne Butane, Skratchmatik Assassins, The Pee-Wee Herman rap, the Pee-Wee's Playhouse stage (not TV!) show, and much more. Listen below or download for later:



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