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TradeMark to MC at Prepare For The Playa

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Concert and Performance Dates

Monday, 16 June 2008 21:53

Sunday, June 22:  The ECC's TradeMark G. will MC at Prepare For The Playa, a great mini-market of vendors, demos, classes, performances, and more to help you prepare for Burning Man.  Seriously, just getting to buy your playa needs under one roof really beats mail ordering blinky things from one place and pod belts from another (and paying shipping on both).  Be there!

TIP: Save $5 by RSVPing on the website.

Prepare for the Playa
Sunday June 22
The burn is calling... will you be ready??
Get everything you need for the Burn from your 
local ‘Burner-Preneurs’: Funky fashions and playa specific products from lights, domes, faux fur and more!! 
June 22, July 20th and August 17th 
1pm-1am at 
Cafe Cocomo 650 Indiana Street, SF
1-8pm All Ages, 8pm-1am 21+
Free entrance 1pm-5pm  
$10 from 5pm-7pm; $15 from 7pm-1am  
*benefiting Playa Artist Peter Hudson!
SAVE $5 off entry with RSVP on 
The June 22nd Line up:
Burner-Preneurs and Designers showing the funkiest, most eclectic, unique and hard to find playa products and fashions to get you ready for the Burn!
Michaels light toys, Rock N Socks, Firefly Style, Minerva’s Antenae, Miranda Caroligne, Fati Beloved, Shawna Hoffman, Jan Hilmer, Foat Design, Hipstirr, Gessika Style, Twisted Traveler, Monkey Meditates, Steam Trunk, Wild on Inside. FurrPlay, Black Lotus Clothing, Medium Reality, Tawapa, Wild Card, Space Turtle, Sparkle Plenty Creations, Ayya Wear, Strange Attractor Fashions, MelZ Designs, S&G Clothing, PodBelts, Sinthetex, Chacabraka, Gadgitron’s Masks & Goggles, Foxy Monster, Kittinhawk, Heathen, Kayo Anime Clothing, Sol Man, Swirl Space, Lasers & Lights...
Live performances Hourly by hoop dancers, poi spinners, belly dancers, acoustic musicians and more!
Mike Whipple of Mobile Estate - an Indie Rock Alternative guitar set for pop fans
Damage Control Dance Theater - revolutionary dance theater company that is destroying the boundaries between fine art, folklore, and funk.
The Erotic Rock Star’s Intro to Eye Gazing- Connect deeply, without a word spoken
The Limitless - Destin and Megastar perform as a duo
Solar Flare - Poi and Hula hoop troupe
The Hoop Girls - Satise & Adriane
Kippy Marks - Improvalinist
Playa ‘U’ How to Clinics and Demonstrations all day
Learn from seasoned burners in a series of how to’s and demonstrations from:
The Burning Man Earth Guardians will be instructing on 2 topics 
1) How to Plan & Prepare ahead of time
2) How to dispose of waste properly
Light N Wire   Push back the darkness with 2 lighting clinics and how tos!
Teal & Blue: Camp construction - Building a simple camp shower and evap pond for your camp
Jude from Sparkle Plenty Creations: Create an exotic turban to protect your hair on the playa
Enlivened Massage by Nera of Firefly Dont want to feel tired and like you just spent your energy at the end of giving a massage? Learn techniques that sooth your partner and leave you feeling refreshed!
More topics to come including How to prepare your bike for the desert and more!
Check the website for complete times and lineup.
4pm ‘The Playa Inspired Wardrobe’ Fashion Show 
See the designers of PftP strut their stuff as they show you the must haves for any inspired playa wardrobe and most functional and funky accessories for BM ’08!
6:30 Sneak Peak at our Event Benefactor, 
Peter Hudson’s ’08 Playa Art Installation
Peter Hudson designer of Homorobourous (Monkey Temple) is bringing his new 2008 Tantalus project to Burning Man. Come listen to his presentation, support his cause and meet the artist at our Lotus Vodka happy hour.
7-8pm Lotus Vodka Happy Hour & Live Performance
Solar Flare: an 8 person poi spinning troupe will entertain and delight while you sip specialty discounted Lotus Vodka drinks in Cocomo’s courtyard.
8pm ‘The Elements of the Playa Fashion Show’ 
with DJ B. Smiley and Mc Trademark G 
Over the summer in a series of Fashion shows we will explore 3 of the elements of the playa. The first is Earth as interpreted through fashion. 
June 22nd features the designs of:
* Black Lotus Clothing
* Miranda Caroligne
* Fire Fly Style
* Wild on the Inside
* Steam Trunk
* Shawna Hoffman 
* Medium Reality http//
* Strange Attractor Fashion & MelZ Designs
10pm The Zoopy Show live Giant monster musicians, punkrock cheerleader Go-Go dancers and a crazzle addicted hyfee puppet will dumbfound and amaze all humans within visual and audio range.
11pm Playa DJs
Djs from some of the best sound camps on the playa will bust out some funky breaks!
Murphstar from Seismic vs. Shissla from House of Lotus 
BE THE ART!!  Playa wear strongly encouraged!
A portion of the proceeds to benefit Peter Hudson’s Art Installation Tantalus.
Prepare for the Playa would like to thank our sponsors for their promotional support to make these events possible:



ECC @ Deep Wireless Festival (Toronto)

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Concert and Performance Dates

Sunday, 13 April 2008 16:16

The Evolution Control Committee returns to the Deep Wireless Festival in Toronto, Canada!

31-May-08: The ECC debuts a brand new performance:

In 1977, NASA launched the two Voyager spacecraft to explore the outer solar system and beyond. The spacecraft also contained a message: a golden record, with 80 minutes of music, pictographic instructions on how to build a turntable, and a needle. For whom? In this performance, TradeMark G. and The Evolution Control Committee explore this ultimate desert island disc and a future race of alien DJs who try to make sense of the last record in the universe.

See the festival's Performances web page for location and cost.

01-Jun-08: The ECC's TradeMark G. joins a panel of unusual radio artists to talk about Burning Man's BMIR 94.5 FM radio, its spin-off Shouting Fire, and what it's like to run a radio station in the remote and harsh Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The panel is part of the Deep Wireless / Radio Without Boundaries Festival.

3:15 pm Insight to Radio on Site
Moderater: Andrew O'Connor; panelists TradeMark G (Burning Man Festival radio), Peter Courtemanche and Gabe Sawhney (murmur) How does context influence the radio content made on site? What are the unique challenges of taking broadcasting outside of the conventional studio? What are the social responsibilities of radio produced in situ?

The the festival's Sessions web page for location and cost.



ECC show April 1st Blowout @ Thee Parkside (SF)

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Concert and Performance Dates

Monday, 31 March 2008 23:27

You with Stupid?

April 1st brings the St. Stupid's Day Parade... dare to be stupid!  For those that dare -- or those too chicken but still wanna crash the post-event party -- we've got just the thing for you at Thee Parkside!  Come down to see The ECC's Thimbletron (first appearance for 2008!) along the new band from Lloyd Mongoloid, a John Law slideshow, and more!  Show ENDS at midnight, ECC is the headliner (so figure 11pm for ECC).

Read on for details...


- TradeMark G.

What: after Saint Stupid's Day parade, after party; tent revival and swap meet
When: Tuesday, April 1st 2008
Where: Thee Parkside, 1600 17th Street, SF, CA
Why: Because we LIKE you!
For more info: contact Annie Krist: 415 922-5966
                                     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

It's after the Saint Stupid's Day parade, are you still feeling a bit peckish and looking to sate your need to be silly, but, don't know what to do?  Might we suggest a bit more merriment and ribaldry to aid in your recovery?   Well then, come on down to the 6th annual after Saint Stupid's Day parade, after party; tent revival and swap meet at Thee Parkside!  It's just what the Bishop ordered!  If you are unfamiliar with The First Church of the Last Laugh and its contributions, checkout: But, be sure to come to Thee Parkside afterwards for a celebration of all that is held dear by Saint Stupid, food, drinks and lots of fun!

Our fabulous guest MC will be none other than the illustrious Michael Peppe.  Michael will regale all with his wizardry of the spoken word and weave a tapestry of trance inducing poetry.  Plenty of musical interludes will be provided by the likes of some of San Francisco's most intriguing acts.  Los Banos kicks off the night with their brand of wacky, mariachi inspired, clown entrenched, lyrical interpretations and will have you panting for more.  Just like the prison camp they are named after, Abu Ghraib will hold you hostage with their heavy metal style of music and leave you wishing water boarding was still on the menu...America; fuck yeah!  Next up, those Minstrels of Mayhem, Fluffgrrl, will thrill, delight and assault all the senses as they play their version of post-punk, pre-apocalyptic, art-fag rock.  Rounding out the night is none other than Evolution Control Committee.  ECC has been assailing the land with illegal music since 1986.   Those of you unfamiliar with their
shenanigans shall be forewarned; this ain't your mama's electronic music!  John Law will be on hand with some slide excerpts from his foray on the road with the Dogminican Trio.   Manny, Moe and Jack will be present!

All this and more packed into Thee Parkside, located at 1600 17th Street, SF, CA, 94107.  $6 cover, $5 if in costume, $2 PBR's and $2 tacos available all night... doors open at over by Midnight (we know, it's a school night) all kids 21 and over welcome to join in!   Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, this is the place to be after the Saint Stupid's Day parade!   So, set aside some time from your hectic and busy schedule to have a little fun for one night...$5 gets you in to see some great bands, hear Michael Peppe ramble on and see some other wacky and wild stuff.  All that and $2 will get you a scrummy taco and another $2 will buy you a PBR...yummo!...So, we hope to see you all there!


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