ECC @ Deep Wireless Festival (Toronto)

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Concert and Performance Dates

The Evolution Control Committee returns to the Deep Wireless Festival in Toronto, Canada!

31-May-08: The ECC debuts a brand new performance:

In 1977, NASA launched the two Voyager spacecraft to explore the outer solar system and beyond. The spacecraft also contained a message: a golden record, with 80 minutes of music, pictographic instructions on how to build a turntable, and a needle. For whom? In this performance, TradeMark G. and The Evolution Control Committee explore this ultimate desert island disc and a future race of alien DJs who try to make sense of the last record in the universe.

See the festival's Performances web page for location and cost.

01-Jun-08: The ECC's TradeMark G. joins a panel of unusual radio artists to talk about Burning Man's BMIR 94.5 FM radio, its spin-off Shouting Fire, and what it's like to run a radio station in the remote and harsh Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The panel is part of the Deep Wireless / Radio Without Boundaries Festival.

3:15 pm Insight to Radio on Site
Moderater: Andrew O'Connor; panelists TradeMark G (Burning Man Festival radio), Peter Courtemanche and Gabe Sawhney (murmur) How does context influence the radio content made on site? What are the unique challenges of taking broadcasting outside of the conventional studio? What are the social responsibilities of radio produced in situ?

The the festival's Sessions web page for location and cost.