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The TRUTH About The Moon Landing

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General ECC News

Saturday, 25 August 2012 19:57

Now that Neil Armstrong is dead, you should know the TRUTH -- what he REALLY said when he landed on the moon.    [NSFW]


ECC @ Maker Faire 2010

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Concert and Performance Dates

Wednesday, 19 May 2010 09:50

Maker FaireT'is the season to be geeky
-la-la-laaa la D I Y...

Yes it's that time of year again... spring is in the air... probably fired from some crazy spring-shooting canon.  And that kind of thing would perfectly embody the aesthetic of Make Magazine's Maker Faire, a juggernaut of an annual event blazing a path somewhere between Burning Man and a really, really cool science fair.

Actually, it's a bit like Burning Man in one other way -- I've been telling friends for years to go.  Too many just shrug it off and say "eh, maybe next year".  The ones that actually come walk around dragging their jaws on the ground, like wide-eyed kids trying to take in all the crazy amazements that fill building after building, not to mention all the outdoor space between them.

Geeks, nerds, mad scientists -- Make Magazine has unified that whole motley DIY crew under the flag of "makers", and the Maker Faire is your chance to watch them emerge from basements everywhere with new inventions, and in spite of the duct tape and zip ties holding it together, one of them might completely revolutionize the world of energy... or computing... or music, or light, or textiles, or... getting the point?  The Faire is packed with a huge variety of the greatest, weirdest tinkerings from every hue of the smarty-pants spectrum.

And The ECC has been part of it from the beginning, the literal poster boy showing off our Thimbletron to thousands.  We'll be there with our amazing  VidiMasher 3000 and The Wheel Of Mashup, performing both Saturday and Sunday at 4:30pm on the Tesla Theatre stageBe there, or be quadrilateral!

WHAT: The ECC's Wheel Of Mashup & VidiMasher 3000 at Make Magazine's Maker Faire
WHEN: Saturday and Sunday, 22 & 23 May 2010 / ECC: 4:30pm Sat & Sun @ Tesla Theatre
WHERE: San Mateo County Expo Center (i.e., Fairgrounds)
HOW MUCH: Day pass $25 / student etc. discounts available






MP3/archive errors

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General ECC News

Thursday, 23 August 2012 05:44

Currently the MP3 and the Sound Of Plaid Archives pages are producing lots of yucky looking error messages.  Many apologies; the upgrades to fix them have led to other upgrades being needed which will require other upgrades first... you get the idea.  Meanwhile, the search box can help you find many Sound Of Plaid archives (including playlists from each radio show) and other specific MP3s you're looking for.


2010 Pop Conference (Seattle)

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Concert and Performance Dates

Monday, 12 April 2010 21:48

2010 Pop Conference

2010 Pop Conference at EMP|SFM

The Pop Machine: Music and Technology
April 15-18, 2010
Seattle, Washington

The ECC's TradeMark G. joins Bernardo Attias and Fred Church in Seattle for a very unique panel talk: A discussion of remix culture, which gets remixed live:

The phonograph's cut-and-paste aesthetic, from Dada in the 1920s to '70s avant-gardists and"controllerists" today, will be the focus of this session, in which scholars and participants in electronic music culture will see their commentary integrated into an audio-visual performance manipulated primarily by a DJ controller dubbed the VidiMasher. Discussion to follow.
Bernardo Alexander Attias, "Plagiarhythm Nation: The New "Menace of Mechanical Music"
Fred Church, "Plagiarhythm Nation: The New "Menace of Mechanical Music"
Mark Gunderson, "Plagiarhythm Nation: The New "Menace of Mechanical Music"



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