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Church Bell Flash Mob!

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Concert and Performance Dates

Sunday, 21 October 2012 10:17

TradeMark at Trinity Church[[ Update 2012.10.26: Rain shmain, we're doing it anyway! Actually chance of rain drops to 10% by 5pm, so come! ]]

TradeMark G.'s composition for church bells is currently ringing throughout downtown Columbus from the bells of Trinity Episcopal Church across from the Ohio statehouse, part of the great Finding Time: Columbus Public Art 2012 project. TradeMark's piece plays through the end of October, with a closing reception on October 27 which I'm giddy with excitement over -- 'cuz we're gonna have a Church Bell Flash Mob.

At exactly 5pm this Saturday 2012.10.27 we will be on the street in front of the church (corner of Broad & 3rd), a motley collection of musicians, stilt-walkers, oddball artists, and a cast of short-attention span witnesses to this ten minute duet of church bells and electronic beats.  That's right -- beatmatched bells, tempo locked and in sync.

Ever heard that before?
No you haven't.

And likely won't ever again.  Don't miss this unique event, and don't be late -- the bells go off automatically at 5:02pm so we must be on time.  Don't bother showing up at 5:10pm; we'll be done and on our way to the Grass Skirt tiki bar for drinks & snacks to celebrate.

WHAT:  Church Bell Flash Mob
WHEN:  This Saturday 2012.10.27 / 5PM EXACTLY!
WHERE: Trinity Episcopal Church / corner of Broad & 3rd Streets / Columbus, OH
HOW MUCH: Free!  And show up in costume!

Facebook Event:

Here's a video of the full church bell composition for you to practice your street dance moves to:


Big thanks to Trinity Church and their carilloneur Nick!


ECC @ Floorian album release show this Saturday

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Concert and Performance Dates

Tuesday, 24 July 2012 17:06

Floorian show posterThe Evolution Control Committee... in a psychedelic rock show?

Why not?  "The weirder, the better" as psych-rock band Floorian put it to us, describing how they'd like their album release show to be.  This Saturday's show celebrates their release of their new album Cosmosiac, and jangly popsters Psychic Wheels are also on the bill.  Floorian's been around since 1997, refining their sound into "an ideal late-night listening experience" (as The Big Takeover described their previous album).

A TradeMark observation: This show has a dangerous range, in a good way... in Europe, ECC frequently shared the bill with a wide variety of bands in many genres.  In the USA, it's often much narrower.  Nice to get on a local bill like this.  :-)

I can tell you that The ECC will bring the VidiMasher 3000.
I can't tell you just what you'll hear come out of it.
This is the last ECC show for the near future.

WHAT: Floorian album release party w/The ECC and Psychic Wheels
WHEN: This Saturday July 28th, 2012
WHERE: Rumba Cafe / 2507 Summit Street / Columbus, OH



Game Show 5 @ Columbus Museum of Art (07/13/212)

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Concert and Performance Dates

Wednesday, 11 July 2012 05:38

Game Show logoIt's back!  The Game Show returns to the Columbus Museum of Art for another absurd and wild night of audience competition in creativity, featuring The ECC's TradeMark G. making all the music.  The game shows are SUPER fun events that are really coming together; the last one in February really packed the CMA theater... Friday the 13th be damned; get lucky with US!!

Museum website:

WHAT:  Game Show 5 with host Susie Starliner and music by The ECC
WHEN:  This Friday the 13th (07/13/2012)
WHERE: Columbus Museum of Art / 480 E. Broad Street / Columbus, OH
HOW MUCH: $5 members or students / $10 otherwise


This Week's Special Guest: LADY MONSTER

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Concert and Performance Dates

Tuesday, 06 March 2012 18:05

Show archive available -- download or listen now:

Lady Monster pic

Now that we have a full studio once again for The Sound Of Plaid, we can do fun radio tricks like inviting guests for the show.  And that's just what we're going to do, starting with this week's special radio guest Lady Monster.

Half-Lady, Half-Monster (more Lady, really), Lady Monster has spent two decades on the stage doing everything from personal erotica readings to personal erotica... uh... demonstrations.  Voted as one of the top 100 burlesque performers in the world, Lady Monster's also been a Fire Tassel Twirler, Teacher, Recording Artist, Actress, Writer, Producer, and Model.

She was also a former DJ at Pirate Cat Radio and FCC Free Radio, and will DJ once again this week with us:

"I'm feeling like having a Spring Fling Mix of songs of Twitterpation, Spring Fever, Sunshine, Flowers and Spring Showers.  Featuring:

1. Twitterpated. Bambi
2. This Magic Moment. Lou Reed
3. LA Donut Day. Ann Magnuson
4. Sunny. Leonard Nimoy
5. Tiptoe Through The Tulips. Tiny Tim
6. Springtime for Hitler. Producers
7. The Spring Song. Charlie Chaplin
8. Love-Itis. Harvey Scales
9. Love Is The Craziest Thing. Homer & Jethro (didn't play)
10. Carrots for my Lady. Dennis King
11. Flower People. Spinal Tap
12. Sweet Violets. Homer & Jethro
13. Daisies Up Your Butterfly. The Cramps
14. Spring Fever. Elvia
15. Bumble Bee. Big Mama Thornton
16. Bumblebee. Ween
17. Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars). Grinderman
18. Insects. Oingo Boingo
19. Medley of Heartwarming Worm Songs. Baby Gramps
20. Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing. Mossilene Miles
21. Poisoning Pidgeons in the Park. Tom Lehrer
22. Spring Can Really Hang You Up. Julie London
23. Spring Song. Ottilie Patterson
24. All You Ever Think About Is Sex. Sparks
25. Erotica . Aguaturbia (Chile Psycheldic_1969)  

Tune in this Thursday (2012.03.08) on The Sound Of Plaid as we hunt the wild and exotic Lady Monster!  Many chances to hear the show, and if you can't make the times below, you can hear it at The Sound Of Plaid Archives.


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