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NPR's On Point show, "The Art of Mashups"

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Saturday, 21 February 2009 17:47

It really is a cut-n-paste world. Recently NPR's radio show, "On Point" did an interview with Jon Nelson of "Some Assembly Required" called "The Art of Mashups." Its an interesting segment that discusses and distinguishes the differences between mashups and audio collage art. The ECC gets mentioned as do Girl Talk, Negativland and other artists. 




Wired Mentions the ECC in January issue

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Tuesday, 20 January 2009 21:31

Some Assembly Required: Mash-Up Pioneer Dreams in Soundbites

By Elizabeth Held Email 12.22.08

Back in 1999, when a mash-up was something done only to potatoes, DJ and sound-collage artist Jonathan Nelson launched an online radio show called Some Assembly Required. Operating from a college station in Minnesota, it showcased cut-and-paste acts like the Tape-beatles and Evolution Control Committee, as well as Nelson's own mix of music, instructional records, comedy, and wacky effects, digitally sculpted into a one-of-a-kind sound.

Ten years later, his aural experiments play out on a syndicated weekly radio broadcast and a new album titled (Emphasis Added), recorded under the name Escape Mechanism and inhabited by a chorus of voices ranging from Wolfman Jack to motivational speakers. "These are the sounds in my head when I dream," Nelson says, "thanks to growing up in a media-soaked universe."


Oh, you're just suckers for a VidiMasher 3000....

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Saturday, 20 December 2008 04:40

Wow!  When a hoarse-voiced TradeMark G. made a little YouTube video demonstrating our new video mashup screen, we certainly didn't expect that over 142,000 179,000 of you would see it...!  Thanks to BoingBoing, Laughing Squid, Hack A Day, and others for posting this around, ultimately pushing it all the way to be a featured video on YouTube's home page...

Thanks!  It's inspired us to make this live video of The VidiMasher 3000 in action at a recent Wheel Of Mashup show at the Red Devil Lounge:


Dorkbot Photos & Video

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Sunday, 30 November 2008 05:43

We had a good demo this week of our new video mashup screen at Dorkbot... missed it?  Then check the Flickr photo set to see what you missed:

setup by k0re2 speakers + mc by k0rerainbow heads by k0reP1030210 by k0re

trademark g by k0reP1030228 by k0reP1030233 by k0reP1030242 by k0re

P1030243 by k0retrademark g and diy video controller by k0retrademark g by k0reP1030250 by k0re

P1030256 by k0reP1030260 by k0reP1030261 by k0remulti-pt touch screen whiteboard wii hack  by k0re

michael shiloh by k0reP1030284 by k0reP1030402 by k0reP1030403 by k0re

And one video too!

trademark g's mutli-pt touch screen video controller for live mashup by k0re


Awesome Outback ECC Photos

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Wednesday, 29 October 2008 11:12

The Evolution Control Committee performed a short while ago at the Outback Music Festival -- and the photos they sent of our show are jaw-droppingly great:  (click to zoom)


Almost steampunk-ish... how'd that happen?  We performed in a barn at a hot springs...

Thanks KaTreeZ!



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