Our two best-known albums were both on Negativland's label Seeland, which is the best place to mail-order them.  Seeland distributes their albums through Revolver/Midheaven, which means that All Rights Reserved or Plagiarhythm Nation might already be on the shelves of your local cool music store.  It also means Amazon.com stocks our CDs, LPs, and MP3s, but buying from Negativland means more money goes to the artists.  Click an album below to go to their site:

All Rights Reserved

   Plagiarhythm Nation   

Double CD



MP3s of those albums are for sale through iTunes, as well as Spotify, eMusic, Zune, MediaNet, Shockhound, Nokia, NapsterThumbplay, and IMVU.  The download version of All Rights Reserved is the CD version disc one only, but at least some of the bonus disc content will be available on our website soon.

Our two 7" singles on Eerie Materials, Rocked By Rape and Whipped Cream Mixes, are out of print although Rocked By Rape is on the Plagiarhythm Nation CD.

We get asked regularly about the available of our older cassette releases from the 80's and 90's.  For now only Gunderphonic is available (and it's free!).  We do intend to make older releases available in the future.  New music and projects tends to take precedence, you understand...

We also gratefully accept donations. Since our music is created from many samples that we don't seek permission to use, what we make is truly illegal art. This means that many of the traditional ways that musicians make money aren't available for us. So... little help? The PayPal Donation button to the left awaits your benevolent click.