The Evolution Control Committee

The Virtual Gunderphone

"Welcome to the incredibly illegal world of the Evolution Control Committee. Attractively packaged in an 8-track cassette shell, this fourteen-lawsuit opus takes up the torch Bono knocked from Negativland's hands."      (Alternative Press, 2/95)

    In 1994 The Evolution Control Committee made it's first distinct strike in the arena of sample-based music. In response to John Oswald's incredible Plunderphonic, the two Gundersons of The Evolution Control Committee thought the time was right for Gunderphonic,a cassette of various tape manipulations and illegal music.

     They were right. At least 700 handmade cassette copies later, Gunderphonic has received dozens of extremely favorable reviews, numerous tracks have landed on CD compilations, and two tracks wound up as a legendary 7" single release on Eerie Materials. The 7" is now often credited as the origins of the UK mash-up/bastard pop/bootlegger music movement. Gunderphonic was distinctive right from the get-go: the cassette was packaged in an 8-track tape shell, hollowed out and hinged to open like a cosmetic case. But the real distinction begins when you press PLAY -- only 34 minutes long, but dense. These are not songs extracted from the better moments of a jam session, they're well planned, intricate sound collages, the kind that you hear once and they bounce around your brain for days.

The cassette is no longer available, but the whole album in MP3 format is. Download it, trade it, CD-R it, whatever you like; all we ask is that you credit all tracks to us (The Evolution Control Committee) and preferably provide a link back to this site ( Much thanks to for having hosted Gunderphonic (as well as the whole ECC site) for so many years.

1. Rebel Without A Pause (Whipped Cream         
2. Whole Lotta Royalty Payments
3. Cohan’s Capers
4. How Low Can You Go?
5. Cry-Baby Duck
6. The Acid Family
7. Bush Speech (Corrected) (Part 1)
8. Industrial Poem
9. By The Time I Get To Arizona (Whipped         
Cream Mix)
10. The Mighty Hamburger
11. Hurdy-Gurdy Men
12. "But I Don’t Believe In Evolution!"
13. Bush Speech (Corrected) (Part 2)
14. Not Only In...

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