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** NEW ** April 2007 **
DMCA Karaoke Video
Do you hate the Digital Millenium Copyright Act? Don't get mad... SING! We swiped Villega People's YMCA and did an anti-DMCA karaoke video. Enjoy!

Also in OGG Format (23.1 meg)

I Want A Cookie (3:41)
Rocked By Rape (4:37)
Huge Cialis Cocks (1:00)
(Superbowl commercial alteration)
Rebel Without A Pause
(Whipped Cream Mix) (2:30)
Breakfast (0:45)
Lunch (0:43)
Spandau Filet (1:31)
The ECC Story (7:00)
NAFTA Dance (2:44)
Live Infringement (13:18)

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Thanks: Kenny Haner for the Rocked By Rape video; Transfatty for Breakfast and Lunch; Prelinger Archives for footage used in The ECC Story; Robert O'Hare for live footage used in Live Infringement; and for the Whipped Cream Mix video we'd like to thank Simone Verena Kunz, Tim Frank Schmitt, Stefanie Elisabeth Spieler, Johannes Maximillian Spitzer, and Daniela Wagner. Feel free to email Tim with any feedback or comments.

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