Weapons of Ass Destruction (CD-R, ECC)

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Past Releases

Weapons of Ass Destruction CD coverIssued as a release by DJ Pantshead, Weapons of Ass Destruction rolls out with some fun proto-mashup moments, forcing unlikely combinations together: Jefferson Starship with Alec Empire, Rick Derringer goes ghetto, Squarepusher with Supertramp... and no digital tricks:  turntable, 100%.  This will likely be the last release of mash-up material we do with the turntable carrying most of the weight; all mash-up releases since have been majorly digital.  But we love our vinyl, and I'm sure many of you do too.  Weapons features plenty of The ECC's bizarre sense of music matching, and even with the exponential increase in mash-up complexity that digital offers nowdays, there's many fun moments on this.

Listen to the whole thing below.  You can download tracks by right-clicking (Windows) or Ctrl-clicking (Mac) on them in the playlist, or you can download the whole album in a .ZIP file (135 meg).



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