A Refreshing Sound Recording of "DJ" Pantshead (CD-R, ECC)

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Past Releases

DJ Pantshead's Refreshing Recording CD coverThe first release under the DJ Pantshead name (which was intended to be beat-friendly wing of The ECC's operations).  This compiles some good moments of DJ Pantshead's DJing with the ele_mental crew and the Mental Monday on-the-street DJ sessions.  These now-primitive vinyl mash-ups spin together the likes of Alec Empire, LeCar, We, Quincy Jones, Janet Jackson, and The Swingle Singers.  You can just start to hear the roots of what would blossom into The ECC's second wave of mash-up output, with later releases under the DJ Pantshead name and on to The Wheel Of Mashup.

Intrigued?  Then listen!  Here's the whole thing for you to listen to.  And you can download tracks from the playlist by right-clicking (Windows) or ctrl-clicking (Mac), or you could just download a large .ZIP archive of the whole album.