Jesu, Boy Of Man's Desiring (Cassette, ECC)

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Past Releases

Side one is more pop oriented, side two is a bit darker and more experimental. Most of the material came from a ECC's long-running residency at Crazy Mama's (defunct Columbus alternative bar in the 1980's and early 1990's).

Side One:

  1.  Commercial
  2. Magnetise Your Food
  3. Peace Through Strength
  4. Lolly Lolly Lolly
  5. Feel Crappy
  6. Rawhide
  7. Bombs and Rectangles
  8. Conjunction Junction
  9. Spread the Diagonal Chicken
  10. No Parking
  11. Volcano Soliloquy
  12. Great Balls of Fire

Side Two:

  1. Lullabye
  2. Here's the Eighth
  3. The Shuffleboard Has Wings
  4. Put That Lamb in Your Pipe and Smoke It
  5. Schlecht Nummer
  6. The Effects of an Unapparent Cause
  7. Binomial Canoes
  8. Guyana Beach Blanket Bingo Muscle Party
  9. Time to Die