Equipment building time

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ECC is launching into an equipment building phase which should result in some interesting new items...

First, we're getting excited about hacking the Wii controller, as plenty out there are.  One that made some stupendous hacks is Johnny Chung Lee, who came up with this great scheme to make a cheap electronic whiteboard (this video shows it off well).  It turns out the project basically creates a large projected "touch" screen, where the touch is done by an infrared point of light which mirrors a click-and-drag on the computer the Wii is connected with.  Well, The ECC has this awesome live mashup platform that's used for the Wheel Of Mashup shows, but the bottleneck is pointing and clicking tracks fast enough from Ableton Live.  With this setup, and a couple of custom-built infrared "fingertips", a solution may be at hand.

We'll also be building a monome soon.  Just gotta find the right casing for it.

We were also planning on building a descendent based off the Reactable technology, though this may be superceded by the Wii project above.

Life beyond the Thimbletron is imminent.