ECC's "Pwn Monkey" on Old Nerdy Bastard compilation (from Hipster Please)

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Hipster, Please! invited The ECC to participate in their Old Nerdy Bastard compilation project, where the vocal tracks from various geeky songs are remixed and reworked by other geeky music types.  The ECC chose Jonathon Coulton's "Code Monkey", and got to try a new mashup concept.  The final result mixes Coulton's vocals over samples from 30 other songs and bands (in only 2 minutes and 40 seconds!), and the samples were meticulously picked to match the chord progressions of the original track.  The result is a choppy yet in-tune track that almost makes the listener dizzy with its fast pace.  We're pretty proud of this one!  Listen for yourself:

Listen Now:      
Download Song: Pwn Monkey (right-click or ctrl-click)
Download Album: Old Nerdy Bastard (RAR archive... link fixed)
...or visit the Album Page