FBI Warning - Exercise Your Copy Rights

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When copying DVDs with DVDShrink, one great thing you can do is save disk space by substituting a still image for a video segment. It's great to take out that irritating FBI scare tactic that clogs up the first minute+ of your DVD, not to mention also removing the user-unfriendly restriction on skipping the track. But sadly DVDShrink can't change the length of that portion -- if you substitute it with a black screen, you still have to look at a minute+ of a black screen. So, I made this improved (and educational) version.


Altered FBI Warning


Text (for you search engines... and the blind):


Copyright owners, and not the FBI, include these
warnings of severe civil and criminal penalties to
scare you. In real life, you've probably already
committed dozens if not hundreds of copyright
violations. Has the FBI busted you yet? No.
In fact, you can legally reproduce copyrighted
materials, without permission, in cases of Fair Use.
And you're allowed to make one backup copy of
this entire DVD if you purchased it. Legally.
Did they tell you any of that? Of course not.