Candle Wiimixer

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Seance technology?
Catholic surveillance?

No, it's a...
Demo of an experimental candle-powered remixing controller.  Each candle controls a music loop, with its X-axis (left/right) movement controlling the volume and the Y-axis (forward/back) controlling an effect.  The candles are tracked by a Nintendo Wii controller mounted (stationary) over the candle area.  The Wii controller has an infrared camera, and candles make great infrared light sources.

More tech detail: the Wii controller communicates with the computer by bluetooth.  The GlovePIE program receives that data and converts it to MIDI control data.  The MIDI triggers Ableton Live which remixes the loops, and the MIDI also triggers Arkaos GrandVJ to move around that projected blinking light that follows the candle position.  Almost.
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