Microsoft Wrongsmith... I mean, Songsmith

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Meme du jour: Microsoft Songsmith, the band-in-a-Windows-box software that creates music for whatever you sing.  Actually, insert "cheesy" in front of "music" -- take a look at Microsoft's own cheesy commercial for the product and you're left wondering just who the indended market is for this thing.  The results are nothing you'll be releasing on YouTube anytime soon.  Or are they?

Some clever mashers figured out pretty quickly that a pop music vocal track can be fed into Songsmith, and -- er -- "something" will come out the other side.  YouTube already has a number of these Songsmith Mashups, but we decided to just go straight for the jugular -- using Microsoft Songsmith on the Microsoft Songsmith commercial itself:


We couldn't resist putting together a few Songsmih Mashups of our own too: