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Sunday, 14 October 2007 17:05

Let's try a post with some jammin' new tunes in it, shall we?




Bootie Bootleg: ECC @ DNA Lounge, 09-May-09

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Monday, 11 May 2009 12:06

Hopefully you were one of the 1,000+ people that showed up for Bootie and The Evolution Control Committee -- it was one spectacular show!  The Wheel Of Mashup spun well, our VidiMasher 3000 operated nicely, and thanks especially to The ECC's dancers The Mashettes!  Thanks also to A plus D for having us once again to Bootie, and to Dannie for wheel work.

You can relive this show with the magic of MP3s, thanks to DNA Lounge recording and posting MP3s of every show they do, available for two weeks following the show date.  If you want a recording of the whole night, which also includes music from Tim Barsky, the human beat box, Adrian and Mysterious D and more, listen at DNA Lounge's archive (until 23-May-09).  Otherwise, listen/download just the ECC's show here:

ECC Wheel Of Mashup @ Bootie SF - 2009.05.09.mp3



Archive of ECC interview with DJ Marcelle

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Sunday, 03 May 2009 09:19

That sure was a swell interview we did on DJ Marcelle's Another Nice Mess show on DFM Radio International.  Missed it?  Lucky you, we decided to post this archive of the show.

Another Nice Mess - 2009.04.14



All Your Base karaoke party

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Saturday, 21 March 2009 13:27

A long time ago, a meme was born.  It was no ordinary meme -- no, this meme was destined to be legendary.  Destined for grand things, destined for the history books.  And this meme was known as... "All Your Base Are Belong To Us".

Always ones to join a bandwagon, The Evolution Control Committee chimed in with gusto.  And so it was that a frenzied night of karaoke hunting and excessive drinking led to this -- seven well-known pop karaoke instrumentals with The ECC's TradeMark G. singing on top.  Except that all of the lyrics have been replaced by the All Your Base wordage.

It's complete madness, totally absurd.  And it's been one of our most popular downloads for years.

And we just realized that when the website was updated in 2008, the karaoke's weren't carried over.  Tragedy!  But easily solved:

Song Title: "All Your Base Are Belong To Us"
As performed by...

The ECCnirvana

The ECCjohndenver
The ECCbillyjoelpianoman
The ECCbillyjoel
The ECCelvis
The ECCdoors
The ECCbeatles


BONUS: One guy liked the ECCnirvana version so much he made a YouTube video of it... with, uh, a slideshow of unrelated anime stills:


EXTRA BONUS: A very clever DJ Empirical created a dictionaraoke track of The ECCjohndenver karaoke version... Memes. Meta. Parodies of parodies. We are echoes of other echoes...


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