Inspiration Manifestation (Dec 1st 2011)

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Concert and Performance Dates

Inspiration Manifestation flyerBurning Man.  wtf?

We get asked about it a lot, mostly by our non-California peeps. This plucky little festival in the Nevada desert has attracted tens of thousands yearly.  The ECC has performed and/or broadcasted there every year since 2000.  In San Francisco, it's ubiquitous.  Elsewhere on the west coast, merely notorious.  East of the Mississippi, almost unheard of.

What a shame.  The short version: art, music, and freaks combine into one of the best parties in the world.  And in that world everyone is a participant -- no spectators! -- so jump right in and BE the artist, the pirate, the neon bunny rabbit, or whatever you've always wished you could be.  "Radical self-expression", as they like to call it.

But why should a bunch of jaded west coasters get all the fun?  The better move: Steal It!  Take that do-it-now energy away from there and start something yourself, outside of Burning Man.  That's what inspired Gary Xaoui and I (TradeMark G.) to do our Burning Corn event 10 years ago.  And it's what inspired the Kickin' It camp to make this Thursday's INSPIRATION MANIEFESTATION.

Fake fur, blinky things, excess fun -- all staples of Burning Man, and nicely ample in photos of Kickin' It's previous activities.  huzzah!  Makes me look all the more forward to ECC representing with not only The Wheel Of Mashup but also the Thimbletron, our first on-stage with that for years.

Wear a costume!
Get silly!
Bring your own artwork!

WHAT: Inspiration Manifestation, a party of art, expression, music, costumes, and sooooo much more -- ECC performs with Chewrocka, Teen Fiction, Jemini, and Jenny Lectro
WHEN: This Thursday, December 1st 2011 / 9pm doors / ECC Thimbletron @ 10pm / ECC Wheel Of Mashup @ 11:30pm
WHERE: Rumba Cafe / 2507 Summit / Columbus OH
HOW MUCH: $5 / $2 OFF + drink specials for coming in costume!  DON'T BE NORMAL!